College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder


James Austin

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Music Education: Professor

Bijoux Barbosa

Instructor, Jazz Studies (Double Bass)

Margaret Haefner Berg

Music Education: Associate Professor of Instrumental (String) Music Education

James Brody

Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
Woodwinds: Associate Professor of Oboe and Alexander Technique
Musicians' Wellness Program: Director

Steven Bruns

Theory: Associate Professor, Theory
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Carlo Caballero

Musicology: Associate Professor

Nicholas Carthy

Voice, Opera and Choral Studies: Associate Professor, Opera Music Director

Peter Cooper

Woodwinds: Senior Instructor of Oboe

Andrew Cooperstock

Chair, Keyboard Studies
Professor of Piano

David Corbus

Instructor, Jazz Studies (Guitar)

Alejandro Cremaschi

Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy

John Davis

Associate Dean for Administration

Matthew Dockendorf

Assistant Director of Bands
Instructor, Conducting and Music Education

John Drumheller

Instructor, Composition and Music Technology

Michael Dunn

Brass and Percussion: Associate Professor of Tuba and Euphonium

Edward Dusinberre

Artist in Residence, Violin
Takács Quartet

Erika Eckert

Strings: Associate Professor of Viola

Paul Erhard

Strings: Professor of Double Bass

Elizabeth Farr

Director, Historical Performance Studies
Professor of Early Music

András Fejér

Artist In Residence, Cello
Takáks Quartet

Gregory Gentry

Director, Choral Studies
Associate Professor of Choral Studies

John Gunther

Director, Thompson Jazz Studies Program
Associate Professor of Jazz Studies (Saxophones, Clarinet and Flute)

Janet Harriman

Strings: Instructor of Harp

Jennifer Hayghe

Associate Professor of Piano

Leila Heil

Music Education: Assistant Professor

Leigh Holman

Voice, Opera and Choral Studies: Director of Eklund Opera Program

Hsing-ay Hsu

Director, Pendulum New Music Series

Jeff Jenkins

Instructor, Jazz Studies (Piano)

Christina Jennings

Woodwinds: Associate Professor of Flute

Jay Keister

Musicology: Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology

Daniel Kellogg

Chair, Composition Studies
Associate Professor of Composition
Erismann Faculty Fellow

Suyeon Kim

Lecturer, Collaborative Piano

David Korevaar

Professor of Piano
Helen and Peter Weil Faculty Fellow

Daphne Leong

Theory: Associate Professor of Music Theory

Gary Lewis

Chair, Conducting Studies
Director, Orchestral Studies

Hsiao-Ling Lin

Instructor Collaborative Piano

Yonatan Malin

Theory: Associate Professor of Music Theory

Rebecca Maloy

Musicology: Associate Professor of Musicology

Margaret McDonald

Associate Professor Collaborative Piano

Paul McKee

Associate Professor of Jazz Studies (Trombone and Arranging/Composition)

Donald J. McKinney

Director of Bands
Associate Professor of Conducting

Martina Miranda

Music Education: Associate Professor of Music Education (general music), chair

Mutsumi Moteki

Voice, Opera and Choral Studies: Associate Professor, Voice Coach

Tom Myer

Associate Professor of Saxophone

Alexandra Nguyen

Associate Professor of Collaborative Piano

Abigail Nims

Voice, Opera and Choral Studies: Assistant Professor

Jeffrey Nytch

Director, Entrepreneurship Center for Music
Assistant Professor of Composition

Austin Okigbo

Musicology: Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

Carter Pann

Associate Professor of Composition

Takács Quartet

Strings: Quartet in Residence

Joshua Quinlan

Instructor, Jazz Studies (Saxophone)

Andrea Ramsey

Associate Director of Choral Studies
Assistant Professor of Conducting

Jeremy Reger

Voice, Opera and Choral Studies: Vocal Coach, Senior Instructor

David Requiro

Strings: Assistant Professor of Cello

Harumi Rhodes

Strings: Assistant Professor of Violin

David Rickels

Music Education: Assistant Professor of Music Education (winds & percussion)

Matthew Roeder

Associate Director of Bands
Director, Golden Buffalo Marching Band
Associate Professor of Conducting and Music Education

Paul Romaine

Instructor, Jazz Studies (Drum Set)

Brenda Romero

Musicology: Associate Professor

Laurie Sampsel

Musicology: Professor
Music Librarian

Terry Sawchuk

Brass and Percussion: Associate Professor of Trumpet

Karoly Schranz

Artist in Residence, Violin
Takáks Quartet

Robert Shay

Dean, College of Music
Musicology: Professor

Daniel Sher

Professor of Piano

Daniel Silver

Woodwinds: Associate Professor of Clarinet

Jeremy Smith

Musicology: Associate Professor

Nicolò Spera

Strings: Assistant Professor, Ritter Family Classical Guitar Program

Bob Spillman

Retired Faculty, piano

William Stanley

Brass and Percussion: Chair, Brass and Percussion Studies
Associate Professor of Trombone

Michael Theodore

Associate Professor of Composition

Michael Thornton

Brass and Percussion: Associate Professor of Horn

Douglas Walter

Brass and Percussion: Professor of Percussion

Geraldine Walther

Artist in Residence, Viola
Takács Quartet

Charles Wetherbee

Strings: Assistant Professor of Violin