College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Piano Technicians

The piano technicians are charged with the tuning and maintenance of the College of Music’s 115 pianos. Tuning, repair, and rebuilding take place year round in the Piano Repair Shop located in the Northeast corner of Imig Music Building, room E152. The direct telephone number is (303) 492-7126.

Recital Pianos

Grusin Recital Hall has two 9′ Steinway pianos of identical vintage. The Chamber Hall has a 9′ Hamburg Steinway piano, Macky Auditorium has a 9′ Steinway piano, and the Music Theatre has a 7′ Steinway piano. All are maintained in concert condition. Please be sure to specify which instrument you wish to use well in advance of the performance. Information for piano availability is available from the piano technicians.