College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder


The ECM offers a range of resources from internships, career counseling, workshops, courses, and a lending library covering a variety of topics. Stay tuned on our new website; we plan to be adding a range of web-based information and resources as well!

In the meantime, check out these terrific sites: 
Fractured Atlas is an amazing site dedicated to the independent musician, with resources such as health insurance, fiscal sponsorship, and a host of other hot topics for the freelance artist. This is a must-visit for any artist building their own career.
The Savvy Musician: a veritable treasure trove of great resources, including a fascinating blog, sign up for a newsletter, and links to all manner of useful information.
The American Music Center: one of the nation’s most comprehensive sources of resources for musicians, especially composers and those interested in programming and performing contemporary music.
Americans for the Arts, the leading source of statistical information on arts organizations and the economic impact of the arts. A vital resource for arts advocates and anybody making the case for the economic value of the arts in our society.
Since 2003, ArtistShare has been allowing fans to show appreciation for their favorite artists by funding their recording projects in exchange for access to the creative process.
Perhaps the world’s leading resource for delivering and enjoying live classical music anywhere and anytime.


MUSICIANS & INCOME TAX OUTLINE – from Charles Wiens, Entrepreneurship Wednesdays guest