College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder


The ECM offers a broad range of courses, including offerings in partnership with the Leeds School of Business and our Music Technology program. Courses are open to all majors; non-majors may petition the the instructor for permission to enroll, provided there is room in the roster.



Building Your Music Career
MUSC 2918 / 5918

The “everything you need to know” course for the aspiring professional musician. Topics include goal-setting, how to build a network, effective development and use of promotional materials, funding models, social media and the internet, basic financial management, taxes, among others — all taught through an entrepreneurial lens. A wide range of career options is also explored, using the entrepreneurial process to assess and explore a variety of paths and opportunities.

Instructor: Jeffrey Nytch

Arts Administration

MUSC 4978 / 5978
Introduce students to current trends in arts administration, explore the fundamentals of managing arts organizations, and develop concrete tools for managing boards, volunteers and staff, effective fund raising, strategic planning, and program development. Current issues, the role of the arts, and arts advocacy will be discussed.

Instructor: Joan McLean Braun



Community Performances
MUSC 4958 / 5958

Explore the real-world issues of planning and presenting concerts. Learn to program music for all types of audiences, gain confidence speaking about your music, and handle the logistics of concert production. Discuss the role of concerts in the 21st century and examine new styles of presentation, audience engagement, and community outreach. Course culminates in a concert presented at a local venue.

Instructor: Jeffrey Nytch
Pre-requisite: MUSC 2918 / 5918

The Entrepreneurial Artist
MUSC 4988 / 5988

Bring your ideas to life! Students will learn the core principles of entrepreneurship – such as idea formation, venture models, opportunity assessment, market analysis, and strategies for launching a venture – and apply them to their own entrepreneurial ideas.  Lectures, projects, entrepreneur interviews, and case studies will culminate in a feasibility study for an original entrepreneurial concept. Students from all arts disciplines are welcome in this dynamic and interactive course!

Instructors: Jeffrey Nytch
Recommended pre-requisite: MUSC 2918


Internship in Music Business
MUSC 4908 / 5908

Gives upper division & graduate students the opportunity to work in public or private organizations on assignments relating to their career goals, and allows them to explore the relationship between theory and practice in their major. May be repeated for a total of 6 credit hours (3 credits per semester max.).

Open to upper division and graduate students

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The 18-credit undergraduate Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship combines with a Minor in Business to equip Music majors with the entrepreneurial tools they need to pursue a wide variety of career paths. Non-music majors may participate in the program with permission of the Director. The Certificate consists of the following components; it is recommended that be taken in the order listed.

In the College of Music:

Building Your Music Career (2 credits)
The Entrepreneurial Artist (3 credits)
Independent Study: New Venture Challenge & Capstone Exam (1 credit)

Business Minor:

Marketing & Management - BUSM 2001 (3 credits)
Finance & Accounting - BUSM 2002 (3 credits)
New Venture Strategy & Models - BUSM 3003 (3 credits)
Business Plans & Social Responsibility - BUSM 4000 (3 credits)

For more information, contact Jeffrey Nytch, ECM Director