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  • Radio Gig for CU NOW 2013

CU Opera also hosts the New Opera Workshop program (CU NOW), which puts the College of Music on the forefront of American operatic creation. Past CU NOW productions include Lori Laitman and David Mason's Ludlow and Libby Larsen's A Wrinkle in Time. CU NOW features real-time collaboration with composers and librettists as well as coaching and talkback sessions, moderated by artistic directors Patrick Mason and Leigh Holman.

In 2014, CU NOW will be working with internationally renowned author/librettist Colm Toibin, composer Alberto Caruso and Director Ron Daniels to workshop their new opera, The Master (June 13, 14, 15).  Ron Daniels is associate director for the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, has directed theater and opera all over the world.  Auditions for the cast of the workshop will take place in late April or early May.  If you would like to be a part of our program and would like to audition, please contact Chris Martin at:  

From Score to Floor: Opera from the Ground Up

By the time an opera production hits the floorboards, composers and performers have spent years transforming theatrical ideas and music for the stage. The CU New Opera Workshop (CU NOW) gives you the rare opportunity to observe this process and share your suggestions with the composers. The interactive workshop-style performances feature acclaimed opera composers working with CU singers on new operas, on their way to professional world premieres. You'll leave with exciting insights into the creative process when you experience opera from the ground up at CU NOW!


Ludlow Promotional Video

Tuesday 11/12