College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder


Master of Music Education Degree Program (MME)

The Master of Music Education degree program requires thirty semester hours of study (a minimum of 24 hours at the graduate level), distributed among three areas: music education, music courses outside of music education, and open electives. MME students are challenged to develop a greater understanding and mastery of music teaching-learning processes, to improve personal musicianship, and to become committed leaders within the profession. Electives and cognate areas of study allow students to customize the degree to fit their particular interests and needs.

MME Degree Requirements

Music Education – 12 hrs.
  • Foundations of Music Education – 2 hrs.
  • Psychology of Music Learning – 2 hrs.
  • Research in Music Teaching – 2 hrs.
  • Elective Courses and Workshops – 6 hrs.
Music – 12 hrs.
  • Introduction to Music Bibliography and Research – 2 hrs.
  • Cognate – 6 hrs.
  • Theory, Musicology, Performance, Conducting, or Jazz Studies Elective Courses and Workshops – 4 hrs.
Open Electives – 6 hrs.
  • Thesis, Electives Courses, Workshops, or Independent Study

MME Admission Requirements

  • Graduate School Application and Application Fee
  • Undergraduate Transcripts (2 official copies per school)
    • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0* and BME degree or equivalent
  • Four Current Letters of Recommendation should address academic potential, teaching skills, musicianship, and character
  • Professional Resume (1-2 pages)
  • Critical Issue Essay
    • Professional Goals Statement (500-700 words)
    • Position Statement on a Critical Issue (750-1000 words)
  • Live or videotaped demonstration of teaching (assistantship applicants only)
  • Interview with music education faculty (optional; may be requested by faculty)

*Note: Applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0 must submit a GRE scores to be considered for admission.