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Prospective Undergraduates


Why Earn a Degree in Music Education?

Do you want to make a real difference in others’ lives while honing your personal musicianship? Students who graduate from our program and enter the teaching field are responsible for nurturing and developing the next generation of music performers, music teachers, and music appreciators/consumers. At the same time, earning a BME degree provides students with numerous career options and graduate school opportunities.

Unique Program Aspects

Monster Party

Wednesday 10/5

Just in time for Halloween, hear CU composer Hunter Ewen’s spooky Monster Party performed by the CU violin studio on the Pendulum Series!

Hunter Ewen wrote this piece for the whole violin studio.  The piece was inspired by the monster drawings of artist Stefan Bucher. The performance was complete with costumes, dancing, ear-piercing screams, and violin faculty covered in makeup. If you don’t have time to view the whole video, skip to around 10:10 when the monsters dance.