College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

College of Music Grade Appeals Policy

When a student believes that a grade has been improperly assigned and discussions between the instructor and the student have not led to a resolution of the problem, the student shall proceed as outlined below in order to appeal the grade: 

  1. The student must submit a formal written appeal to the Associate Dean. This appeal must be submitted no later than 60 days after the conclusion of the semester in which the final grade was assigned by the instructor. 
  2. The Associate Dean will meet with the student and the instructor (either together or individually) and try to reach a mutually acceptable solution to the problem. 
  3. If a solution cannot be reached, the Associate Dean will refer the appeal to an ad hoc Grade Appeals Committee. This Committee will consist of a Chair and at least two other tenured faculty members as appointed by the Dean. The Associate Dean will provide the Committee with the student’s appeal and a written response from the instructor. Within a 6-week period, the Committee Chair will submit a formal recommendation to the Associate Dean, and the Associate Dean will convey the recommendation to the instructor that (1) the originally assigned grade stand or (2) that a new grade be assigned. 
  4. When the Committee recommends a change in the original assigned grade, and the instructor of the class does not accept the recommendation of the Committee, the Associate Dean will forward the written materials associated with the appeal to the Dean of the College of Music for final adjudication. 
Note: Neither the Grade Appeals Committee nor the Dean can change a properly assigned grade. Properly assigned grades are those that have not been miscalculated, assigned in an arbitrary or capricious manner, improperly influenced by prejudice or emotion, or otherwise handled in an unprofessional manner.