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Takacs Quartet remembers Philip Seymour Hoffman collaboration: ‘We were in awe’

February 4, 2014

From Colorado Public Radio

Listen to an interview with Ed Dusinberre of the Takacs Quartet 

The Takacs Quartet, the renowned string ensemble based at the CU-Boulder College of Music, offered one of many tributes to actor Philip Seymour Hoffman after the Oscar-winning actor was found dead Sunday.

From a Monday afternoon post on the Takacs Quartet Facebook page:

We were lucky enough to work with Philip Seymour Hoffman once. What was so striking to us during his readings from Philip Roth's Everyman was how daring his choices were: so much dynamic inflection in his voice in the piano/pianissimo range. And a humble, openminded attitude to his work. We were in awe. What a sad day.

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— Brad Turner