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Much Anticipated "Resolved" Moves Forward

February 14, 2014

Resolved has been completed and submitted for publishing consideration by Dennis M. Spragg of the Glenn Miller Archive and American Music Research Center Advisory Board.

Much anticipated by big band jazz and popular music enthusiasts, as well as World War II and aviation history buffs, the biography of Glenn Miller's miltiary service is planned for release in 2014. The comprehensive narrative of Miller's importance, achievements and tragic disappearance is revealed within the context of the unique and historic partnership between the entertainment industry and the military during World War II. Many aspects of this fascinating story are not known, particularly the media savvy of Gen. H. H. Arnold and the Army Air Forces (AAF) or Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF). Major Alton Glenn Miller played an important role in the plans of both. Along with Miller, the important contribution of many other key individuals is documented in Resolved, including for the first time the documented history of the responsibilities at SHAEF of Lt. Col. David Niven, who was Miller's commanding officer. Mixed into the narrative are the missions of the SHAEF Public Relations Department and Col. David Sarnoff (of RCA), the SHAEF Psychological Warfare Division and Col. William Paley (of CBS);  the BBC, Office of War Information, Allied Expeditionary Forces Programme, Armed Forces Radio Service, American Forces Network, Eighth Air Force and Royal Air Force. The true details of Miller's disappearance are precisely detailed. Miller's musical legacy is clearly and objectively presented. The objective is an important historic document, which will stand as a permanent testimony to a sincere patriot and a special time in American, British and world history.

A descriptive Synopsis of Resolved is located here:

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