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The Glenn Miller Archive Honors "Jubilee" For African-American History Month

February 13, 2014

In recognition of African-American History Month, the Glenn Miller Archive announces a new permanent resource located in the "Glenn Miller Archive (GMA) Reports Section of our website. The new section honors the historic and important Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) program Jubilee.

Jubilee was the weekly AFRS variety program featuring exclusively or primarily African-American artists and beamed to all American and Allied armed forces around the world. The host of the program was actor Ernest (Ernie) "Bubbles" Whitman. Jubilee showcased the best in big bands, small jazz groups, singers, comedians and dramatic talent. This was a groundbreaking series that is correctly remembered as wonderfully representative of jazz and popular entertainment history. Major artists including Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Erskine Hawkins, Lena Horne, The King Cole Trio, Jimmie Lunceford and many dozens of other famous artists appeared on Jubilee. The programs offer a glimpse at an important part of jazz history when recording strikes meant artists were not making records and many of these performances offer a unique glimpse at the talents of the performing artists. Jubilee also offers a glimpse into the transition from swing to bop on the music scene. Most of the 433 programs are preserved in the GMA Collections and many have been broadcast on the Star Spangled Radio Hour, the weekly broadcast over KEZW, Denver produced by the GMA (Saturday, 6:00 p.m. MST, KEZW, Studio 1430, Denver ( Saturday, February 22, 2014, to celebrate African-American History Month and the new GMA Jubilee Web Pages, Dennis M. Spragg of the GMA will join host Rick Crandall in presenting Jubilee episode No. 55 starring Count Basie and his Orchestra culled from the GMA Collections.      

The new section of the website will contain a catalog of all 433 episodes of Jubilee with detailed dates, participants, content, recording data and other information as a resource for scholars, students and the public. The introductory page contains a history of Jubilee and its rich cultural significance.      

About The Third Edition Catalog

In 1985, Rainer E. Lotz of Bonn, Germany published the First Edition of Jubilee program catalog. In 2005, Carl A. Hällström and Bo F. Sherman published an on-line Second Edition Jubilee program catalog and added many additional programs and details. The Glenn Miller Archive (GMA) is honored to host and produce the Third Edition of the definitive Jubilee program catalog with the guidance and support of Carl A. Hällström and Bo F. Sherman.

The Third Edition Catalog produced by the GMA may be found at:

Or by navigating to the Glenn Miller Archive Website, GMA Reports, Jubilee.

About The Glenn Miller Archive

The Glenn Miller Archive (GMA) of the American Music Research Center at the University of Colorado Boulder is the designated repository for the legacy of Alton Glenn Miller, American icon and popular musician. The GMA is one of the most important big band and popular music centers in the world, containing many dozens of collections entrusted with the GMA for preservation, restoration and communication. The objective of the GMA is to be a dynamic resource for scholars, students and the public where 20th Century American Musical History is honored and presented for education and enjoyment. Many thousands of hours of audio recordings from radio broadcasts, recordings and transcriptions are preserved by the GMA. The personal property, documents, correspondence and papers of numerous artists, producers, journalists and collectors; many periodicals, thousands of photographs and other memorabilia are located in the archive. The GMA is a national treasure. Every popular American recording and radio artist is represented in the archive.