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September 10, 2012


This Week on Entrepreneurship Wednesdays

For the next month, Entrepreneurship Wednesdays will be offering a series of meetings on Your Basic Career Toolkit:

This Week à Come to this week’s session on tips for demo recordings and head shots, and then sign up for the ECM Photo Shoot on Friday! (See how we worked that out?)

            9/12: Tips for Demo recordings & Head shots
            9/19: Press Kits and Web pages
            9/26: Resumes and CVs

            10/3: Writing great Bios and Program Notes

Don’t miss this opportunity to gather these basic career tools in one fell swoop!
Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30
C-113 (Conference Room)

Free Pizza!

ECM Photo Shoot: slots are filling up fast!

This is the best deal you’re ever going to get on headshots! $20 bucks gets you 20 minutes with a professional photographer and a disk of the resulting pics. This semester’s photo shoot is Friday, Sept. 14, 2:30-6:00pm in Grusin. Sign up on the ECM door, and get your payment into the office by THIS WEDNESDAY. For tips on how to make the most of your photo shoot, come to this week’s Entrepreneurship Wednesdays and meet photographer Glenn Asakawa.

CU GIGS is your source for extra $$ and performing opportunities

CU GIGS is the College of Music’s gig booking service, and an entrepreneurial venture of the ECM. If you’re interested in being part of a database for all manner of gig requests we get here at the College of Music, just fill out the informational form (on the door of the ECM Office) and turn it in to the ECM. Our CU GIGS Coordinator Nathan Hall will then work to connect you with gigs that come into our Musician Referral Line. For more info, contact Nathan at: musicreferral@Colorado.EDU

RENAME “Entrepreneurship Wednesdays” CONTEST!

I have a confession: I’ve never liked the name “Entrepreneurship Wednesdays.” It’s clunky and long-winded, and “the e word” is just too fraught with misunderstanding. So we’re going to have a contest to come up with a new name. It should be catchy, concise, and get at the core purpose of Entrepreneurship Wednesdays (which is to explore a broad range of topics pertaining to your professional development and provide concrete skills for your career). Submit your suggestions for our weekly series, and the winner will receive a $100 gift card to Target! Deadline: Monday, Oct. 1. Submit to Dr. Nytch via email:

CU MONEY SENSE: Valuable workshops on handling your finances!

Intro to Banking & Credit for International Students: Sept. 18, Noon-1:30pm, UMC 245

Tax Planning & Strategies for parents and students: Sept. 28, 8:30-10:00am, UMC 247

Identity Theft: how to protect yourself: Oct. 10, 1:00-2:30pm, UMC 245

Check Your Credit Report: Oct. 17, Noon-3:00pm, UMC 245

To RSVP for these events, contact:
Some more bad news this week from the symphonic realm, and a provocative blog that many of you have already sent me… There’s much to disagree with (and plenty to agree with as well!), so I thought it would generate some good discussion:

First, the controversial blog entry:

And then, two news articles from Atlanta and Indianapolis:

What’s interesting is that I didn’t plan on putting these articles together (I’d already set aside the news from Atlanta and Indianapolis), but the juxtaposition is provocative. What do you think? I’ll tip my hand next week in my Thought of the Week, but I’d love to hear from you, too!

Last week I was at the Western Arts Alliance convention in Denver. WAA is an organization for arts presenters, agents and managers, and performing artists; once a year they have a big convention and get everyone together. With this year’s event in Denver, the ECM partnered with CU Presents to help sponsor the convention. In addition to a rather nice bottle of wine I received when I checked into the hotel, being a sponsor afforded me the opportunity to network with arts professionals from across the country and put the ECM on the radar for potential internship partners, future guest speakers, mentors, and other entrepreneurially-minded artists. During the four days I was there there were a lot of observations worth sharing, but I’ll focus on one that was clearly the overriding theme of the entire week: relationships are everything.

Basically, the WAA conference was one big schmooze-fest: agents and managers promoting their artist clients to presenters, presenters looking for talent to book, artists looking for gigs or hoping to attract an agent to take them on. And in every single case, the goals of those in attendance were furthered by the interpersonal relationships going on. Just like in most everything else, the music business operates in a world of relationships.

Now maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Yeah, but I don’t know anybody. How do I get started?” Well, for starterseverybody knows somebody. None of us lives in a vacuum. And second, a network of relationships gets built one person at a time: because the person you know in turn knows others. I started my experience at WAA knowing two people; by the end of my four days I came home with a fistful of business cards to follow up on. And there’s no big secret to this: you just have to be willing to say Hello, find out what the other person is about, and share your own story. After that things will take on a life of their own with remarkable ease. Not all of those relationships will pan out – some will in fact go nowhere at all. But others can be life-changing. All you need to do is be intentional about building and nurturing relationships – they are the lifeblood of success in the professional world.

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And without further adieu…

The Video of the Week!

Okay I’ve started to get some videos…keep ‘em coming!

This is a classic (and possibly a UPBEAT repeat…), but it still cracks me up:


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The Opportunity UPBEAT! is your weekly listing of job postings and other professional opportunities that come the way of the ECM. Check this space out for jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships, grants, festival auditions, and more!

ERIE MIDDLE SCHOOL in Erie (about 30 minutes east of Boulder, in the St. Vrain Valley School District) is looking to hire a part-time music teacher. It is a half-time position which includes a small orchestra program as well as some possible additional music electives like piano class. The program is definitely in its infancy and needs someone who is willing to work hard to produce a successful middle school program. Those who are interested in applying should visit this website:

Questions? Email Nick Roseth at:


THE LONGMONT YOUTH SYMPHONY is currently looking for a conductor for their Wind Ensemble. The group has about 20 students, and rehearses weekly in Longmont on Saturdays.  See the website below for details and contact information. Interested applicants should write or call: (303) 351-1452


CENTER FOR THE CONTINUATION OF ARTS AND CULTURE, in Thornton, is looking for Guitar and Piano Teachers. The CCAC is an arts school dedicated to the enrichment of students in the visual and performing arts. We provide classes in a wide variety of dance styles, music, and visual arts.

You should have a degree or be in pursuit of a degree in Music Performance or Music Education.

Past teaching experience preferred. Outgoing and friendly personality along with consistent professional demeanor. Works well with elementary ages through adults. Someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in more than one instrument area is preferred. Especially knowledgeable and confidant in teaching basic/beginning piano skills in a group and private setting. Knowledge in music theory and aural skills.

You should be dependable and have reliable transportation.

Looking for someone who can teach 5-15 hours a week

Our website is

Please contact Director of Music Nick Garcia-(720)-341-4975 for further information


INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE! The ECM offers a broad range of internship opportunities for students, ranging from positions with non-profit arts groups to for-profit businesses. Internships can be for academic credit or not, and can often be customized to suit your schedule and interests. If you’re interested, stop by the ECM office and we’ll talk about the options!

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