Graduate - Professional Track Master's (MS)

The Master of Science Professional track degree program in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Engineering for Developing Communities™ will challenge you to expand your way of thinking about the world and engineering's effect upon it!  Taking a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, you will learn to view engineering challenges as opportunities to help create a more sustainable, equitable world.

Program Requirements

To earn the Professional Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in EDC, students must complete the following courses:

I. Required EDC Core

CVEN 5919: Sustainable Community Development 1 (SCD I, fall only, 3 credits)
CVEN 5929: Sustainable Community Development 2 (SCD II, spring only, 3 credits)
CVEN 5939: Sustainable Community Development Field Practicum (3 credits)
ATLS 5250: Fieldwork Methods (spring only, 3 credits)

II. Required Competency Areas

A. Data Analysis (3 credits)
B. Systems Thinking (3 credits)
C. Project Management (3 credits)

III. Option Area (9 credits in a coherent topic area). Possibilities include:

A. Energy
B. Environmental Health
C. Construction
D. Engineering Management Certificate
E. Policy Issues

Full details regarding the Professional Master of Science degree program and courses

How do I apply for the Professional MS degree?

To apply, students should follow this process on the university's online application:

  1. Select GRADUATE degree (as career),
  3. then CIVIL ENGINEERING - Professional MS (as field of study),
  4. the semester of desired admission,
  5. then ENGINEERING / DEVELOPING COMMUNITIES (as the subplan), and finally
  6. reiterate your intent to apply to the Master's level program.