Brian Rider

Brian Rider

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Mathematics, Courant Institute 2000

Math 225
Mailing address:
Brian Rider
Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado at Boulder
Campus Box 395
Boulder, CO 80309-0395
Research interests:
Probability/ Mathematical Physics
Personal home page:

I work in random matrix theory which aims to understand what the  eigenvalues of a typical linear map look like.

Select Publications:

On the shape of the ground state eigenvalue density of a random Hill's equation, (with  S.  Cambronero and J. Ramírez), Comm. Pure  Appl.  Math. 59 (2006), no. 7, 935-976.

Gaussian fluctuations for non-Hermitian random matrix ensembles,   (with  J.W.  Silverstein).   Ann.  Probab.  34  (2006), no. 6,   2118-2143.

The noise in the Circular Law and the Gaussian free field,   (with  B. Virág).  Int. Math. Res. Not.  2007 (2007),   Art. ID rnm006, 33pp.

Quantization bounds on Grassmann manifolds and applications to MIMO systems, (with W. Dai and Y. Liu.)  IEEE Trans.  Info. Theory. 54, no.  3 (2008), 1108-1124.

Beta ensembles, stochastic Airy spectrum and a diffusion, (with J.  Ramírez and B. Virág). Submitted.