Past Graduate Students


  • Robin Michael Chestnut, "Independent Partitions in Boolean Algebra” (D. Monk).
  • Benjamin F. Katz-Moses, "Small Deviations for the B-Jacobi Ensemble” (B. Rider).
  • David Keyes, “Analytic Proofs of MacWilliams Identities” (D. Grant).
  • Stephen Limburg, “Space-time Codes, Non associative Division Algebras, and Elliptic Curves” (B. Rider).
  • Camilo Mesa, “Getzler Symbol Calculus Via Deformation Quantization” (A. Gorokhovsky).


  • Topaz Dent, "Clones of finite idempotent algebras with strictly simple subalgebras” (A. Szendrei).
  • Jacob Harper, "Homology Representations Arising from a Hypersimplex ” (R. Green).
  • Eun Kim, “Giving Spitzer’s zero range process a positive range” (R. Holley).
  • Michael Noyes, “Spectral properties of the general Beta Hermite and Beta Laguerre ensembles in the limit beta to infinity” (B. Rider).
  • Michael Roy, “Coxeter group actions on complementary pairs of very well-poised 9F8(1) hypergeometric series” (E. Stade).
  • Matthew Stackpole, “Dynamic equivalence of control systems via infinite prolongations” (J. Clelland). Assistant Professor, Georgia College.
  • Joshua Wiscons, “Moufang sets of finite Morley rank” (K. Kearnes). Visiting Assistant Professor, Hamilton College.


  • Eitan Angel, "A geometric construction of cyclic cocycles on twisted convolution algebras" (A. Gorokhovsky).
  • Young Jo Kwak, “Automorphisms of some combinatorially defined Lie algebras over GF(2)" (K. Kearnes).
  • Kevin Manley, "The discrete fourier-Riccati-Bessel transform for Robin Boundary conditions (E. Stade).
  • Joseph Newhall, "On the density of the Henig efficient points of asymptotically compact sets in locally convex vector" (R. Kent Goodrich).
  • Tiffany Tasset, "Lagrange multipliers  for set-valued functions when ordering cones have empty  interior" (R. Kent Goodrich).
  • Erika Wittenborn, "On special values of hyperelliptic division polynomials and a formula of Eisenstein" (D. Grant).


  • Hugh Denoncourt, "Some Combinatorial Models for reduced Expressions in Coxeter Groups" (R. Green).
  • Sooran Kang, "The Yang-Mills functional and Laplace's equation on quantum Heisenberg manifolds" (J. Packer).
  • Ilia Mishev, "Coxeter group actions on supplementary pairs of Saalschutzian 4F3(1) hypergeometric series" (E. Stade).


  • Corey Bruns, "Varations of Independence in Boolean Algebras ” (J. Monk).
  • Jonas D’Andrea, “Wavelet Frames on Fractal Spaces of Dutkay-Jorgensen Type” (J. Packer).

  • John Davenport, "Analysis of American Options" (K. Gustafson).
  • Dana Ernst, "A Diagrammatic Representation of an Affine C Temperley-Lieb Algebra" (R. Green).
  • Marc Formichella, "Functional equations among Barnes' integrals and hypergeometric series" (E. Stade).
  • Matthew Nickodemus, "Natural Dualities for Finite Groups with Abelian Sylow Subgroups" (K. Kearnes).
  • Brent Pohlmann, "Structural properties of acyclic heaps with applications to Kazhdan-Lusztig theory" (R. Green)
  • Vinod Radhakrishnan ""An Asymptotic Fomula for the Number of Non-Serre Curves in a Two Parameter Family of Elliptic Curves" (D. Grant). DSP Firmware Engineer, Bedford, MA.
  • Tim Schumacher, " Removable boundary singularities for the equation delta u = uâlpha in non-smooth domains" (S. Kuznetsov).
  • Troy Seguin, "Rick Measures" (K. Gustafson).
  • Jason Shaw, "Commutator relations and the clones of finite groups"  (A. Szendrei).
campus winter


  • Michael Daniel, "Modular Forms on a Function Field Over a Finite Field" (L. Walling).
  • Allen Mann, "Independence-Friendly Cylindrical Set Algebras" (J. Monk).
  • Sheila Miller, "Free Left-Distributive Algebras" (R. Laver).
  • Noel Sagullo, "A Drinfeld Analog of the Brownawell-Waldschmidt Theorem" (R. Tubbs).


  • Christopher Catone, "Projective Equivalence of Finsler and Riemannian Surfaces" (J. Clelland).
  • Amy Chambers, “Certain Subalgebras of the Tensor Product of Graph Algebras” (J. Packer).

  • Abdulaziz Deajim, "On Non-associative Division Algebras Arising from Elliptic Curves" (D. Grant).
  • Veronika Furst, "A Characterization of Semiorthogonal Parseval Wavelets in Abstract Hilbert Spaces" (L. Baggett).


  • Jennifer Horne, "Cardinal Functions on Pseudo-Tree Algebras and a Generalization of Homogeneous Weak Density" (J. Monk).
  • John Massman, "Applications of Algebraic Geometry to error-Correcting codes" (D. Grant).
  • Erich McAlister, "Noncommutative CW-Complexes Arising From Discrete Groups and Their K-Theory" (C. Farsi).


  • Christopher Brown, "Connectedness and Reflections in Symmetry Algebras of Differential Equations" (A. Ramsay).
  • Robert Cohen, "Construction of an Order Theoretic Duality for Certain Groups" (M. Walter).
  • William Kirwin, "Coherent States and Geometric Quantization" (S. Wu).
  • Christopher Seaton, "Two Gauss-Bonnet and Poincare-Hopf Theorems for Orbifolds” with Boundary" (C. Farsi).


  • Christopher Rowe, "Coates-Wiles Towers for CM Abelian Varieties" (D. Grant).
  • Bret Simon, "Torsion Points on a Theta Divisor in the Jacobian of a Fermat Quotient" (D. Grant).


  • Suzanne Caulk, "Explicit Action of Hecke Operators on Hilbert-Siegel Modular Forms” (L. Walling).
  • Douglas Norris, "Optimal Solutions to the L-infinity Moment Problem with Lattice Bounds" (R. Goodrich).
  • David Tuller, "Some Questions in Additive Number Theory" (W. Schmidt).