Math Circles


Eric Stade
Professor Eric Stade with students at Lafayette's Pioneer Elementary.

Additional news:

Previously, Professor Eric Stade, former Chair of the Department of Mathematics, and his students have been helping elementary students at Lafayette's Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary School improve their math skills. The program has brought over 20 undergraduate volunteers into the classrooms as math learning aides, and has involved a number of Mathematics undergraduate majors and graduate students in mathematics enhancement programs at the school.

The volunteers are all enrolled in The Spirit and Uses of Mathematics, a class that helps prepare them to teach elementary school mathematics. By serving as math mentors at Pioneer, they gain firsthand classroom experience in elementary education in a bilingual setting.

In addition to these classroom mentoring efforts, Professor Stade's outreach program has brought undergraduate and graduate Mathematics students to Pioneer to coordinate after-school math workshops, and to assist with Hands On Equations and similar math learning initiatives.

The program recently added a collaboration with the campus ArtsBridge outreach program in the Department of Art and Art History, to develop new curriculum materials aimed at improving simultaneously both the quantitative and the visual literacy of elementary and middle school students. These materials will be incorporated into the after-school workshops, as well as presented in the classroom by CU-Boulder students from both departments.