Admission to MASP

Apply to PEAC - Incoming First Year CU Students:

MASP Program for Excellence in Academics & Community (PEAC)
Graduating high school seniors interested in MASP should apply to our Summer Program for Excellence in Academics & Community (PEAC). This intensive 5-week program is designed to help acclimate you to the academic culture of the University while facilitating the development of a supportive community of peers. No matter how well prepared you think you are for CU-Boulder, PEAC will challenge you and help you focus on those areas that you will need additional support in. Only students who have already been admitted to the University of Colorado at Boulder as incoming freshmen may apply to PEAC.

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Current MASP students and alumni of our program have enthusiastically credited our summer program for:

  • preparing them for the rigors of the University
  • helping them to learn the resources available to them at CU
  • cultivating a strong and supportive community

Guiding Principles

  • PEAC Curriculum
    • The PEAC curriculum emphasizes analyzing, reasoning and thinking critically particularly through inquiry-based learning and experiential approaches.
  • Community-Based Learning
    • All MASP courses (including those during PEAC) encourage opportunities for community-based learning. Our belief is that our community becomes stronger when all its members are achieving their best. Thus, we emphasize producing the best learners who then contribute their knowledge for the benefit of their community.

PEAC Schedule

  • Courses
    • PEAC courses emphasize student learning (over instructor presentation of material), incorporating methods that promote students’ analytical skills as well as their on-going experiences with the material. PEAC students attend classes from 8am – 5 pm, five days per week. Courses taught during PEAC may vary each summer, but currently include: Science Lab, Math, Humanities, Writing, Community Research Project and a topical seminar course. 
  • Instructor Office Hours
    • Every PEAC instructor holds office hours when s/he is accessible to the students. We encourage all students to utilize their professors to seek clarification, discuss their individual ideas/progress and learn more about a given topic relevant to the course.
  • Night Sessions
    • PEAC runs additional required bi-weekly sessions from 6pm -8pm, corresponding to selected daytime courses. These Night Sessions have students apply their knowledge in different ways and give them additional ways to think about their course material.
  • Community-building
    • Our summer residential program consistently builds an encouraging and supportive academic community at CU-Boulder. Throughout our program - in classes (through community-based learning), in the residence hall, and through other activities – we emphasize the diversity of our students and their experiences and backgrounds. We believe that students who learn to live and work with each other and value their community will be more successful and productive members of the larger university community.
  • Field Trips/Physical Activities
    • Both our Saturday field trips and our scheduled physical activities provide additional opportunities for community-building. Students use these excursions as an opportunity to balance their workload with having some fun as well as to constructively relieve some stress!
      • Field Trips usually involve excursions to: Six Flags Elitch Gardens, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the Denver Art Museum and Water World.
      • Scheduled physical activities vary each summer, but have included: soccer, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, Karate, Brazilian Jujitsu, running and yoga.

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