Opportunities for Alumni

The success of our Alumni has allowed MASP to continue to provide meaningful experiences for our current students. We are also pleased to be cited by our former students as having played an important part in their continuing success. The following are a few ways that Alumni may choose to give back to MASP.

Mentor current MASP Students

  • If you would like to serve as a mentor to a current student, please indicate this on your Alumni Profile. Mentoring a student would revolve around the availability of the mentor and the student and can range from setting scheduled meetings to introducing the student to members in a given field, etc.

Alumni Advisory Board

  • The Alumni Advisory Board is an important contributor to the overall assessment of the Program. The Director uses semi-annual meetings with the board to discuss recommendations relating to the enhancement of the Program. If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Advisory Board, please indicate this on your Alumnus/ Alumna Profile.

Donate to MASP

  • While MASP receives financial support from the campus for student scholarships, the generosity of our donors has allowed us to continue to build and sustain vital elements of the program, including: funding our Summer (Bridge/ PEAC) Program, sending students to academic conferences and hiring additional staff. A donation to MASP would ensure the continuation of these and other opportunities.

To make a donation, please contact MASP directly at masp@colorado.edu

In addition to designing an enriching curriculum and helping the students to foster a strong and supportive community, MASP provides its students:

  1. Our Program for Excellence in Academics and Community (PEAC) Summer Residential Program. PEAC challenges participants to begin to develop high-level skills essential to their success at CU while facilitating the building of the community that will support them while they attend CU. The program includes: university-level instruction, room and board for the duration of the program, books and other materials for use during the summer, field trips, and a stipend upon successful completion of the program. This program is offered at no cost for the 20-25 selected students and their families.
  2. During the academic year, in addition to scholarship assistance, MASP provides: access to updated computer hardware and software, a comfortable and supportive environment to seek out academic advising assistance, instructors and additional information regarding campus resources. Equipment and supplies that MASP periodically updates include: computers, printers, computer chairs and other seating, etc.
  3. MASP hosts four events during the academic year that: celebrate our students’ academic achievements, reaffirm the students’ commitment to their community, update students on program and university matters, and show the program’s pride in its students. Our academic year culminates with our graduation banquet. The MASP graduation banquet is our most important event of the year because it allows the program to congratulate the graduating seniors on their accomplishments. The graduates also have the opportunity to also acknowledge the support they received from the program, their peers, and their families. Additionally, this event also serves to encourage the younger students in aspiring to their own graduation.