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CoTESOL Conference in Denver, November 9-10, 2012

Take advantage of the annual local conference of CoTESOL (the Colorado Affiliate of TESOL) in November. Check out the website for registration and other information. Students: save your official receipt, as the program hopes to be able to reimburse you for up to $25 of your two-day student registration fee. If you have questions, contact Program Director Maria Thomas-Ruzic. And stay posted for news about a brown bag lunch, tentatively planned for early November, to talk about the upcoming conference sessions and work out car-pooling details.

Teaching and Lecturing Positions 


Dr. Anne Bliss often recruits ESL/EFL teachers for Xi'an Jiaotong University and City College. The City College is a young, affiliated university with Xi'an Jiaotong U., one of China's seven key public universities. Both institutions are located in Xi'an, about 600 miles inland from both Shanghai and Beijing; Xi'an is China' third city and is "in charge" of development of the west/northwest of China. 10,000,000 official residents live there; the City College is on the outskirts in a lovely agricultural eco-zone with easy access into the central city and a hot spring pool about 1 km. down the street.  Xi'an is a very historic site; the Terra Cotta Warriors and Qin Dynasty (plus 15 others) centered their activities in this area.

The City College offers a contract that includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from the teachers' home city in the US.
  • Housing on the campus (faculty live on campus in apartments, which are less than one year old; there are cafeterias on campus with good, inexpensive food and very inexpensive meal plans).
  • Health Insurance. The insurance plan is good. Xi'an Jiaotong University has the biggest medical school in western China and it is excellent, offering both Eastern and Western medicine and eight teaching hospitals. Anne can personally vouch for the excellent care.
  • Salary commensurate with degree and experience (MA: about 5000 yuan/mo. = $1,000 US dependent on exchange rate; Chinese teachers earn about 600 yuan/mo. so the foreign teacher will have money for travel/saving).
  • One round-trip air ticket to any domestic site for vacation.
  • All Chinese vacation days (several holidays, plus Spring Festival in Jan/Feb. for several weeks).
  • Opportunities to travel as a university representative to province village schools (this is a wonderful experience).
  • Opportunity to take classes in Chinese or other topics (cooking, etc.).

    Teaching involves approximately 10-14 contact hours in the classroom per week, depending on classes; opportunities to develop extracurricular activities for the students (all live on campus); and faculty travel. The Dean often plans outings for the faculty for hiking, cultural trips, etc. The English teachers have high levels of English; many have Master's degrees. Teachers are mostly younger than 40 (many are in their late 20s); all of them are very congenial and a lot of fun!

    Anne  has worked with these two universities since 2000. She notes that this opportunity promises a very interesting year in a fun place with very good students (from the top 15% of high school grads), and who have an interest in teaching in China. These are plum positions compared to most foreign teachers' positions in China. If you are qualified and interested, contact Anne Bliss immediately.



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