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Monday, Feb 3, 4:30

HLMS 241

Ewan Dunbar

Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Ecole Normale Supérieure/Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.

Computational Approaches to Theoretical Problems in Phonology

Friday, February 7, 4:00

HLMS 241

Philip Roberts

University of Oxford

Theoretical Computational Phonology in Practice

Monday, February 10, 4:00

HLMS 241

Gaja Jarosz

Yale University

Learning Probabilistic Phonology: Integrating Theoretical, Computational, and Developmental

Friday, February 14, 4:00

HLMS 241

Kevin Cohen

University of Colorado

Phonology meets Computation meets Fieldwork

Monday, February 17, 4:00

HLMS 241

Mans Hulden

University of Helsinki

Where's the Leak? Formal Verification in Phonology

Friday, February 21, 3:00

HLMS 241

Arturas Ratkus

University of Vilnius, Lithuania

Gothic Modifiers in -ata and Inflectional Variation in the 'Strong' Paradigm

Wednesday, March 5

Proseminar: Grant Writing and Networking


Martha Palmer

Monday, March 10, 4:00

HLMS 241

Dr. Anna Marie Tre\ ster

Georgetown University

Life after a Linguistics Degree: Career Paths and Prof\ essional Development

Monday, April 21, 4:00

HLMS 141

David Peterson, MA

Game of Thrones Language Design

The Man I Saw: External Constraints on Relative Clause Construction in Created Languages for the Big and Small Screen

Monday, April 28

HLMS 241

Linguistics Circle Capstone Speaker:


Johan Van der Auwera

University of Antwerp

Modality and Mood: A Pair Apart

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