Linguistics Circle and Graduate Proseminar

Linguistics Circle (LingCircle) is a weekly to biweekly colloquium and workshop series sponsored by the CU Linguistics Department. LingCircle events are open to everyone and no registration is required. Refreshments are served. In Spring 2015, LingCircle talks will alternate with proseminar talks, the latter of which will be held on Wednesdays. Proseminar talks are designed to enhance the professional development of Linguistics doctoral students. All first-year PhD students are required to attend. Other PhD students are strongly encouraged to attend, as are MA students.

All events are held on Mondays or Wednesdays, from 4:00-5:30, in CLRE 209, unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2015 Events

Monday, Feb 2, 4:00

CLRE 209

Astrid De Wit

University of Colorado Boulder and University of Antwerp

The Present Perfective Paradox across Languages

Monday, Feb 9, 3-4:30


Chung Hye-Han

Simon Fraser University

Synchronizing Structure and Meaning Using Tree Adjoining Grammar

Wednesday, February 18, 4:00

CLRE 209


Bhuvana Narasimhan

University of Colorado Boulder


Proseminar: Interdisciplinary Research


Wednesday, March 4, 4:00

Hellems 285 (the LING conference room)


Nick Williams

University of Colorado Boulder


Proseminar: Workshop on Constructing a Web Presence (you will set up a website during  this event)


Note: This is a joint Proseminar and Graduate Teacher Program event.


Wednesday, March 11, 4:00

CLRE 209


Rebecca Scarborough

University of Colorado Boulder


Proseminar: Managing Teaching, Coursework and Research


Friday, Mar 13, 12:00

Institute of Cognitive Science Colloquium Series

MUEN D428/430

Adele Goldberg

Princeton University

Explain me this: how we Learn what not to Say

Note: This talk is jointly sponsored by the Institute of Cognitive Science.

Monday, April 6, 4:00

CLRE 209

Michael Barlow

University of Auckland

Idiolects and Exemplars

Wednesday, April 8, 4:00

CLRE 209


Martha Palmer,

University of Colorado Boulder


Proseminar: Wowing both your Thesis Proposal Committee and a Conference Audience

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