Linguistics Circle and Graduate Proseminar

Linguistics Circle (LingCircle) is a weekly to biweekly colloquium and workshop series sponsored by the CU Linguistics Department. LingCircle events are open to everyone and no registration is required. Refreshments are served. In Spring 2015, LingCircle talks will alternate with proseminar talks, the latter of which will be held on Wednesdays. Proseminar talks are designed to enhance the professional development of Linguistics doctoral students. All first-year PhD students are required to attend. Other PhD students are strongly encouraged to attend, as are MA students.

All events are held on Mondays or Wednesdays, from 4:00-5:30, in CLRE 209, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2014 Events

Monday, Sep 8, 4:00

CLRE 209

Zygmunt Frajzyngier

University of Colorado

Subject but no object: asymmetry in grammatical relations of noun phrases

Monday, Sep 15, 4:00

CLRE 209

Kris Stenzel

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/University of Colorado

The Mission (1986)

Monday, Sep 22, 4:00

HLMS 267

Gary Miller

University of Florida/University of Colorado

What Makes Germanic Germanic?

Monday, Oct 13, 4:00

HLMS 267

Irina Vagner

University of Colorado

Language Revitalization on the Web: Developing Algonquian Resources

Friday, Oct 24, 4:00

Eaton Humanity 125

Paul Kiparsky

Stanford University

Modeling Syntactic Drift

Monday, Nov 3, 4:00

HLMS 267

Andy Cowell

University of Colorado

Topic Initiation, Addition and Control: A Multi-modal Perspective from Arapaho

Monday, Nov 10, 4:00

HLMS 267

Suzanne Kemmer

Rice University

Light Rains Down: A Corpus-based Study of the Fictive Motion of Light in English

Monday, Nov 17, 4:00

HLMS 267

Kris Stenzel

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/University of Colorado

Butterflies 'leaning' on the doorframe: The expression of location, position, and movement in Kotiria and Wa'ikhana (Eastern Tukanoan)

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