Resources for Current Students

Norlin QuadIf you are a current CU Linguistics major or minor, this page will give you information about requirements for the BA in Linguistics. If you are a current CU Linguistics graduate student, this page will help you meet academic and career goals. Using the navigation bar on the left, you can:

  • learn about CULA, the association of CU Linguistics graduate students.
  • read summaries of MA and PhD requirements.
  • download the most recent version of the Graduate Student Handbook.
  • learn how to submit a paper to the Linguistics department's online student journal, Colorado Research in Linguistics (CRIL).
  • find resources for teaching assistants and graduate-student instructors.
  • get information about CU's online application procedure for work with human subjects.
  • learn about the electronic databases of written and spoken language (corpora) that you can use for research in a wide variety of languages.
  • find out how to apply to the Department for research and travel funding.
  • find counseling resources.


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