Counseling and other Helpful Resources for Students on the CU Campus

Office of Victim's Assistance
This center helps CU community members who are facing serious personal troubles, ranging from assaults to abusive relationships to death of friends or family. It offers 7+ free sessions of counseling and works with CU faculty, administration and the police on the victim's behalf. This is a confidential office!

Counseling and Pyschological Services (CAPS)
This center offers free, confidential counseling and psychological help for students and faculty. If you would like to discuss concerns about a CU student that cannot wait until business hours, call them at (303) 492-6766 and press "2" to speak to a mental health professional. This is a confidential office!

Women's Resource Center
This is a resource center that provides resources, advocacy, and a gathering place for anyone who identifies as a woman.

GLBTQ Resource Center
This center offers support, resources and more for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning students and faculty. It also offers peer educators willing to come in to class and discuss any issues surrounding sexuality and gender issues.

CU Dean of Students
If you have urgent concerns about a student being a danger to himself/herself or others, contact CAPS as well as the dean of students. Similarly, if you are an instructor and have a problem with a particular student's repeated behavior issues, the Dean is who handles that.

Disability Services
This is the office where students with special needs (even ones with recent injury) can go to get special accomodations, and where you as instructors can call to confirm or clarify accomodations which students are claiming.


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