Prospective Students

FlatironsThe Department of Linguistics at the University of Colorado at Boulder has a strong commitment to excellence in teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The Department offers a Major and Minor in Linguistics, the Master of Arts (MA) degree and the Doctorate (PhD) degree. There are currently about 150 students taking a Major or Minor in Linguistics, and about 80 students enrolled in the MA and PhD programs. The small scale of the Department’s programs ensures close peer relationships and extensive interaction with faculty members, many of whom actively engage students in their research. A growing number of MA students choose to write an MA thesis under the supervision of a faculty member (currently over a third of MA students elect the thesis option). A testament to the quality of teaching and mentorship in the undergraduate major is provided by the fact that a high percentage of Linguistics majors complete the undergraduate Honors thesis.

The educational mission of the Linguistics department, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, is to provide students with insight into the fundamental design features of language—its sound patterns, its word- and sentence formation devices, its semantic structure—and to create awareness of language varieties: the diversity of human languages, the role of language as an index of social identity and the ontogenetic and historical development of language.

You may start your online application to the MA or PhD program in Linguistics once you have read over and understood the graduate admissions requirements.



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