Learning Outside the Classroom

Linguistic research is often a group enterprise, and Linguistics faculty collaborate with advanced undergraduate students in a wide variety of research projects. As an undergraduate researcher, you might examine the speech habits of everyday speakers of American English or help to analyze the grammatical structures of endangered languages spoken in Africa or the Americas. The Department offers research tools that include equipment for video data collection, software for speech analysis and electronic databases of speech and texts in many languages. Many LING majors have received funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program for collaborative research with LING faculty.

The Department recommends participating in one of the many study abroad programs offered by CU and other universities. Interested students should consult with staff undergraduate adviser Deanna Fierman. Programs last from a few weeks to a full academic year, and offer opportunities to take language courses as well as linguistics courses. Since prior language study is a prerequisite for many programs, early planning for study abroad is essential. For more information, contact the Office of International Education.

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