The Five-Year BA/MA Concurrent Degree Program

The Department offers a five-year concurrent Bachelorís and Masterís degree program. It is recommended only for the most highly motivated and academically able undergraduate students. You should apply to this program no later than the spring of your junior year (see the deadlines below). Before your application to the BA/MA program can be approved, you must have taken the following prerequisite courses:

  • LING 2000
  • LING 3100, 3430 or 4420
  • An upper-division LING elective

You must have a 3.3 overall GPA as of the semester preceding that in which you apply for admission to the BA/MA. In addition, in the semester in which you apply, you must be enrolled in one of the following three qualifying courses:

  • Fall: LING 5420 (if you have not already taken LING 4420)
  • Fall: LING 5030
  • Spring: LING 5430 (note that LING 5420 is a prerequisite for this class, but LING 4420 can also be used to fulfill the the prerequisite)

Your admission to the BA/MA program will not be decided until your midterm grades for one or all of these courses have been furnished to the graduate admissions committee. Fall applications must be received before October 25. Spring applications must be received by the close of business on the Friday before spring break. Before applying to the BA/MA program, you must receive the approval of either the department chair, Prof. Zygmunt Frajzyngier, or the graduate advisor, Prof. Laura Michaelis. If either faculty member approves your plan to apply to the LING BA/MA, s/he will ask a departmental staffer to register you for the MA qualifying course that you select. To apply to the BA/MA, you must download the application for the BA/MA degree. Along with your completed application, you must submit two letters of recommendation. Give each of your recommenders a copy of the Request for Recommendation form downloadable here. In addition, you must submit a statement of purpose. Your statement should describe your preparation for the BA/MA program, why you are a good fit for the program and what you intend to accomplish in the program. To determine if the BA/MA program is right for you, read this detailed information sheet.



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