J. Andrew Cowell J. Andrew Cowell

Ph.D., French, University of California, Berkeley, 1995. Professor.
Specialization: Algonquian linguistics, Arapaho verbal narrative, Medieval literature and performance traditions, diachronic syntax, anthropological linguistics, Romance linguistics.
Barbara Fox Barbara Fox

Ph.D., Linguistics, UCLA, 1984. Professor.
Specialization: Grammar and interaction, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, situated/distributed cognition.

Zygmunt Frajzyngier Zygmunt Frajzyngier

Ph.D., University of Warsaw, 1968. Professor.
Specialization: Foundations of syntax and semantics in crosslinguistic perspective, typological explanations in grammar, grammaticalization, Chadic and Afroasiatic linguistics, descriptive grammars of Chadic languages (including several endangered languages).

Kira Hall Kira Hall

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley, 1995. Associate Professor.
Specialization: Sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology including language and gender, language and ethnicity, bilingualism and code-switching, the ethnography of speaking and performance, computer-mediated communication, narrative and identity, discourse analysis, language and nationalism.

Mans Hulden Mans Hulden


Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Arizona 2009. Assistant Professor
Specialization: Computational linguistics, computational phonology and morphology, grammatical inference, formal language theory, learnability, machine learning, natural language processing for less-resourced languages, (computational) historical linguistics

Laura Michaelis Laura Michaelis-Cummings

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley, 1993. Professor and Associate Chair.
Specialization: Tense and aspect, lexical semantics, corpus syntax, spoken-language syntax, discourse pragmatics, prosody, Construction Grammar, simulation semantics, Latin syntax and semantics.

Bhuvana Narasimhan

Ph.D., Linguistics, Boston University, 1998. Associate Professor.
Specialization: Crosslinguistic and developmental research on information structure, lexical semantics and morphosyntax (case marking and verb argument structure).
Martha Palmer Martha Palmer

Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University, 1985. Professor.
Specialization: Computational linguistics, natural language processing systems (information extraction, machine translation, question answering), corpus annotation (Treebanks, PropBanks), lexical semantics (VerbNet), knowledge representation, tree-adjoining grammars.

David Rood David Rood

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley, 1969. Professor.
Specialization: Siouan and Caddoan languages, morphology and syntax of polysynthetic languages.

Martha Palmer

Rebecca Scarborough


Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004. Assistant Professor.
Specialization: Effects of lexical factors on speech production and perception, listener-directed speech phenomena, intra- and cross-linguistic variability in coarticulation, intonational phonology (especially in English, French, Farsi and Pima).

Maria Thomas-Ruzic

Maria Thomas-Ruzic

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1998. Senior Instructor and Director, Professional MA-TESOL Emphasis Program. Specializations: ESOL, learning and teaching/learning additional languages, language teaching methods and materials, teacher development; grammar and interaction, discourse analysis. 

Researchers and Visiting Lecturers

Regina Pustet

Della Bad Wound


Professional Research Assistant
Lakhota Conversation Documentation Project

Vilja Hulden

Vilja Hulden


Ph.D., History, University of Arizona 2011. Research Associate
Specialization: U.S. social and labor history; the application of digital humanities methodologies and natural language processing to historical research and presentation.

Adjunct and Emeritus Faculty

Michael Barlow

Michael Barlow

Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD Linguistics, Stanford 1988
Specialisaton : Corpus linguistics, Usage-based linguistics, SLA

Alan Bell

Alan Bell

Associate Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Linguistics, Stanford University, 1971.
Specialization: Rhythmic structure of speech, speech recognition, diachronic linguistics, typology.

Kevin Cohen


Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2010. 
Specialization: Biomedical natural language processing; text mining; evaluation,
testing, and quality assurance for natural language processing; coreference resolution; summarization; corpus linguistics.

Lise Menn

Professor Emerita

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1976.
Specialization: Child language acquisition (emergence of phonology and morphology), neurolinguistics, aphasia (especially cross-linguistic comparison of aphasic language).

Gary Miller


Adjunct Professor

Ph.D., Linguistics, Harvard University, 1969.
Specialization: Language change, Indo-European languages, theoretical morphology.

Erin Shay Erin Shay

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1999
Specialization: Grammaticalization, functional syntax, Chadic syntax and morphology.

Allan Taylor Allan Taylor
Allan.Taylor @colorado.edu

Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Algonquian and Siouan languages, historical linguistics.

Laurel Watkins

Adjunct Associate Professor
Specialization: Amerindian linguistics (especially Kiowa and Jemez), synchronic and diachronic morphology, discourse analysis.

Cynthia Clark

Graduate Assistant

Paula Dufour


Program Assistant

Deanna Fierman


Undergraduate Academic Advisor


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