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Lise Menn is a professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has been a part of the Department since 1986. She is also a faculty fellow of the Institute of Cognitive Science, and Associate Editor of the journal Aphasiology.

In 1976 she received her PhD in Linguistics in from the University of Illinois, Urbana, specializing in the emergence of language in children. After a postdoctoral year in the Speech Communication Laboratory of the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT, she began to work at the Aphasia Research Center, Boston University School of Medicine. She has also held visiting research appointments in neurolinguistics at UCLA and in Japan. In 1995 she was an associate director of the Linguistic Institute at the University of New Mexico.  In spring 2003, she will be on sabbatical, and expects to be lecturing and working in Japan, Taiwan, Hunan, New Zealand, and Australia.

In Fall 2002 she is teaching Ling 6560 Language Development, Ling 7762 Readings in Cognitive Science, and co-organizing the seminar Ling 5950 Teaching English to speakers of East Asian Languages.

Her research interests include:

Selected Publications:

Dr. Menn's Curriculum Vitae

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