Opportunities for Giving to CU Linguistics

The seven initiatives described below are key areas in which your gift can help to advance the Department's research and teaching missions. Clicking on any of the seven area titles will take you to the appropriate fund description on the CU Foundation website, where you can make a secure online donation.


Graduate Student Research Fund

In the spring of 2007, the Linguistics department created a Graduate Student Research Award program to fund data collection efforts, domestic and international fieldwork trips and travel for students presenting papers at conferences. Learn More >>

Indigenous Languages

The Department’s Center for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the West, focuses on the documentation of Native American languages of the western US and Canada. Members assist tribal language-preservation efforts. Learn More >>

Languages of Africa

Most languages of Africa remain undocumented, and many are also endangered. Research efforts in the Linguistics department have produced dictionaries and grammars of understudied languages of Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. Learn More >>

Linguistics Department Fund

Departmental research efforts target a wide variety of languages of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, and use a wide variety of research tools and data sources, including fieldwork, statistical analysis of speech and collection of child-language data. Learn More >>

Experimental and Computational Linguistics

Experimental and computational linguistics are changing the way that language data are collected and therefore yielding new insights into how we use and represent linguistic knowledge. Learn More >>

Culture, Language, and Social Practice

The program in Culture, Language, and Social Practice (CLASP) is one of the nation’s leading centers of interdisciplinary research into the  relationship between language and society. Learn More >>

The Colorado Dialect Project

The dialects spoken in Colorado are in many ways richer than even most locals realize. For instance, Colorado English is consistently identified as one of the 'best' forms of English in the US by people from other regions.

Learn More >>


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