Opportunities for Giving to CU Linguistics

Linguistics Department Fund

Departmental research efforts target a wide variety of languages of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, and use a wide variety of research tools and data sources, including fieldwork, statistical analysis of speech and collection of child-language data. We help build tools for linguistic research, including electronic dictionaries and online archives. We study the functions of grammatical constructions, conversational behavior and the role of language in the creation of social identity. Members of the CU Linguistics have received international recognition through awards, speaking and teaching engagements and prominent positions on governing and editorial boards. The CU Linguistics department is the only department of linguistics in the Rocky Mountain region, and therefore its invited-speaker series is critical to maintaining and creating ties with other linguistics programs throughout the US and the world. Donations to this area will enable us to continue welcoming nationally and internationally prominent scholars for colloquia, workshops and research interactions.


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