Opportunities for Giving to CU Linguistics

Culture, Language, and Social Practice

The program in Culture, Language, and Social Practice (CLASP) is one of the nation’s leading centers of interdisciplinary research into the relationship between language and society. Headed by Prof. Kira Hall (Linguistics and Anthropology), CLASP provides for mutually enriching interactions between faculty and students from Linguistics, Anthropology, Communication, Education and Sociology through a graduate curriculum that stresses the connections among these fields. Major areas of research within the CLASP program include language and politics; the globalization of English; regional and social dialects; language, gender, and sexuality; bilingualism and multilingualism; language and religion; youth language; and language and the media.  Languages of focus include English, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Tigrinya, Amharic, Arapaho, Chickasaw and Spanish. In 2007, CLASP began to forge connections with scholars beyond the University of Colorado through the creation of a biannual conference series. Donations to this area will provide funding for faculty and student research, the CLASP conference and invitations to outside scholars to present public lectures on sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology and socially-oriented discourse analysis.

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