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Department of Linguistics
Hellems 290
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0295

Fax: (303) 492-4416
Main office phone: (303) 492-8456

Name Position Office Email
Zygmunt Frajzyngier Chair Hellems 296
Paula Dufour
Program Assistant Hellems 290
Cynthia Clark Administrative Assistant Hellems 290
Name Position Office Email
General Information Hellems 290
Deanna Fierman Undergraduate Advisor Hellems 164A
Paula Dufour
Program Assistant Hellems 290
Cynthia Clark Administrative Assistant Hellems 290
Name Position Office Email
Information and Application Guidance Hellems 290
Laura A. Michaelis Graduate Advisor Hellems 292
Bhuvana Narasimhan Graduate Admissions Director Hellems 294
Cynthia Clark Administrative Assistant Hellems 290
Name Position Office Email
Alan Bell Associate Professor Emeritus
Kevin Cohen Adjunct Assistant Professor
J. Andrew Cowell Professor Hellems 164B
Barbara Fox Professor Hellems 297
Zygmunt Frajzyngier Professor Hellems 296
Kira Hall Associate Professor Hellems 284
Mans Hulden Assistant Professor Hellems 160
Lise Menn Professor Emerita
Laura Michaelis-Cummings Professor Hellems 292
Bhuvana Narasimhan Associate Professor Hellems 294
Martha Palmer Professor Hellems 295 Martha.Palmer@colorado.Edu
David Rood Professor Hellems 293
Erin Shay Research Assistant Professor  Hellems 296
Rebecca Scarborough Assistant Professor Hellems 287A
Allan Taylor Professor Emeritus
Maria Thomas-Ruzic Senior Instructor and Director, MA for TESOL Professionals Fleming
Hellems 291 (Sociolinguistics lab) (303) 492-3464
Conference room (Hellems 285) (303) 492-0352 
Hellems 160/162 (303) 492-0816
Hellems 2 (Verb annotation lab) (303) 492-3483
Hellems 4 (303) 492-0938

Center for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the West (CSILW)

Name Position Office Email
Andrew Cowell Co-Director Hellems 164B
Violet Catches Research Assistant
John Koontz Research Associate
Armik Mirzayan Research Assistant
David Rood Co-Director Hellems 293
Allan Taylor Research Associate

The Center for Language and Education Research (CLEAR)

1777 Exposition Drive, Suite #171
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 735-5276

CU Lakhota Project

Hellems 293
(303) 492-8456

Institute Of Cognitive Science (ICS)

Muenzinger D414
(303) 492-2914
Name Position Office Email
Richard Sandoval Instructor, LING 1000 Hellems 4
Niloofar Khalili Instructor, LING 1020 Hellems 4
Nick Williams Instructor, LING 2000 Hellems 4
Marcus Avelar Instructor, LING 2400 Hellems 4
Kate Phelps Instructor, LING 3100 Hellems 160/162
Jessica Holman Instructor, LING 3545 Hellems 4

By Car

By Airplane

Fly to Denver International Airport (DIA), which is about 50 miles south east of Boulder. The following are transportation options from the airport to Boulder.

Boulder Supershuttle
RTD Bus Service
Boulder Yellow Cab
Rental Car

The most convenient place to park when visiting the Department is in the Euclid Avenue AutoPark, which is immediately east of the main entrance to the University Memorial Center (UMC) on Euclid Avenue. From the UMC, walk in a northwesterly direction to the Hellems building, where the Linguistics department is located. As you can see from the map, the Hellems building is roughly U-shaped. The Linguistics department is located in the eastern leg of the U, on the second floor. Enter the Hellems building through the southeast door, walk up two flights and make a left at the top of the stairs into the Linguistics corridor. The Department office is the first office on the right, room 290.

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