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We encourage everyone with an ongoing affiliation with the Department of Linguistics at CU-Boulder -- students past and present, faculty, and colleagues in related programs (e.g. Institute of Cognitive Science) -- to submit their work. Only your participation will realize the intended purpose of CRIL, namely to substantively represent the state of current research in our department. Research in linguistics at CU is diverse and this is reflected in the types of papers published. If you wish to see the contents of previous hard volumes of CRIL, these can be found in the Linguistics Library in Hellems 290 (in the department's main office.) Now these back issues are also available online in PDF form under Previous Issues.

From 2004 onward, CRIL will be an online publication only. It is important to note that CRIL is a "working papers" publication and in that respect does not constitute "prior publication" (i.e. this does not disqualify you from having your paper published in a professional journal at a later stage). On the other hand, anything published in CRIL can still be referenced in a bibliography and enhance your Curriculum Vitae.

Authors of papers that are accepted will be asked to submit their finalized paper in Word format, formatted according to the style sheet and the specifications outlined above. Both an electronic version and hard copy will be requested at that time. Hard copies can be turned in to the CRIL box located at the very bottom of the graduate student boxes in the linguistics department, or mailed to CRIL / Hellems 290, 295 UCB / Boulder, CO 80309-0295.

Please address any questions to Joshua.Raclaw@Colorado.EDU.

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Colorado Research in Linguistics is the working papers journal of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Colorado.

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