Learn more about librarianship as a career. Become a Friends of the Libraries Fellow in the University Libraries.

The Friends of the Libraries Fellowship, which takes place during the spring semester, introduces undergraduates to careers in academic librarianship, a challenging and rewarding field filled with mobility and advancement potential. Undergraduate fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with library staff and a library faculty member as part of a mentor team. Students will get to experience multiple aspects of librarianship

Applicants must have at least sophmore standing and be interested in attending a library and information science graduate program. Through generous support from the Friends of the Libraries, Fellows are awarded $1500 for 120 hours of participation in this program.

Deadline: TBD

Undergraduate Friends of the Libraries Fellowship Projects for Spring 2018: TBD

Propose Your Own Project! Tell us a bit about your interests and what you would like to work on.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact: Christopher Lovejoy