Colorado by the Numbers: Mountain Peaks over 14,000 feet


Feature Name        St County         Type   Elev. Latitude Longitude 7.5' x 7.5' Map
------------------- -- -------------- ------ ----- -------- --------- ---------------
Antero, Mount       CO Chaffee        summit 14269 384026N  1061446W  Mount Antero       
Belford, Mount      CO Chaffee        summit 14197 385738N  1062138W  Mount Harvard      
Bierstadt, Mount    CO Clear Creek    summit 14060 393458N  1054005W  Mount Evans        
Blanca Peak         CO Alamosa        summit 14345 373438N  1052907W  Blanca Peak        
Bross, Mount        CO Park           summit 14172 392007N  1060625W  Alma               
Cameron, Mount      CO Park           summit 14238 392049N  1060705W  Alma               
Capitol Peak        CO Pitkin         summit 14130 390901N  1070457W  Capitol Peak       
Castle Peak         CO Pitkin         summit 14265 390035N  1065139W  Hayden Peak        
Challenger Point    CO Saguache       summit 14080 375849N  1053622W  Crestone Peak      
Columbia, Mount     CO Chaffee        summit 14073 385414N  1061749W  Mount Harvard      
Conundrum Peak      CO Pitkin         summit 14022 390052N  1065148W  Hayden Peak        
Crestone Needle     CO Saguache       summit 14197 375753N  1053434W  Crestone Peak      
Crestone Peak       CO Saguache       summit 14294 375800N  1053505W  Crestone Peak      
Crestone Peaks      CO Saguache       summit 14294 375725N  1053358W  Crestone Peak      
Culebra Peak        CO Costilla       summit 14047 370720N  1051106W  Culebra Peak       
Democrat, Mount     CO Park           summit 14148 392023N  1060822W  Climax             
El Diente Peak      CO Dolores        summit 14159 375022N  1080017W  Dolores Peak       
Elbert, Mount       CO Lake           summit 14433 390704N  1062641W  Mount Elbert       
Ellingwood Point    CO Alamosa        summit 14042 373457N  1052931W  Blanca Peak        
Eolus, Mount        CO La Plata       summit 14083 373722N  1073715W  Columbine Pass     
Evans, Mount        CO Clear Creek    summit 14264 393519N  1053834W  Mount Evans        
Grays Peak          CO Clear Creek    summit 14270 393802N  1054901W  Grays Peak         
Handies Peak        CO Hinsdale       summit 14048 375447N  1073014W  Handies Peak       
Harvard, Mount      CO Chaffee        summit 14420 385528N  1061912W  Mount Harvard      
Holy Cross, Mount   CO Eagle          summit 14005 392805N  1062845W  Mount of the Ho    
 of the
Humboldt Peak       CO Custer         summit 14064 375834N  1053317W  Crestone Peak      
Huron Peak          CO Chaffee        summit 14003 385643N  1062615W  Winfield           
Kit Carson          CO Saguache       summit 14165 375847N  1053607W  Crestone Peak      
Lincoln, Mount      CO Park           summit 14286 392105N  1060639W  Alma               
Lindsey, Mount      CO Costilla       summit 14042 373505N  1052625W  Blanca Peak        
Little Bear Peak    CO Alamosa        summit 14037 373400N  1052948W  Blanca Peak        
Longs Peak          CO Boulder        summit 14255 401517N  1053655W  Longs Peak         
Maroon Peak         CO Pitkin         summit 14156 390415N  1065919W  Maroon Bells       
Massive, Mount      CO Lake           summit 14421 391114N  1062829W  Mount Massive      
Missouri Mountain   CO Chaffee        summit 14067 385650N  1062240W  Winfield           
North Eolus         CO La Plata       summit 14039 373731N  1073714W  Storm King Peak    
North Maroon Peak   CO Pitkin         summit 14014 390434N  1065912W  Maroon Bells       
Oxford, Mount       CO Chaffee        summit 14153 385753N  1062018W  Mount Harvard      
Pikes Peak          CO El Paso        summit 14110 385026N  1050238W  Pikes Peak         
Plata Peak, La      CO Chaffee        summit 14361 390146N  1062821W  Mount Elbert       
Princeton, Mount    CO Chaffee        summit 14197 384458N  1061431W  Mount Antero       
Pyramid Peak        CO Pitkin         summit 14018 390417N  1065659W  Maroon Bells       
Quandary Peak       CO Summit         summit 14265 392350N  1060621W  Breckenridge       
Redcloud Peak       CO Hinsdale       summit 14034 375627N  1072517W  Redcloud Peak      
San Luis Peak       CO Saguache       summit 14014 375913N  1065551W  San Luis Peak      
Shavano, Mount      CO Chaffee        summit 14229 383708N  1061420W  Maysville          
Sherman, Mount      CO Lake           summit 14036 391330N  1061009W  Mount Sherman      
Sneffels, Mount     CO Ouray          summit 14150 380012N  1074730W  Mount Sneffels     
Snowmass Mountain   CO Pitkin         summit 14092 390708N  1070357W  Snowmass Mounta    
Sunlight Peak       CO La Plata       summit 14059 373738N  1073543W  Storm King Peak    
Sunshine Peak       CO Hinsdale       summit 14001 375522N  1072530W  Redcloud Peak      
Tabeguache Peak     CO Chaffee        summit 14155 383736N  1061536W  Saint Elmo         
Torreys Peak        CO Clear Creek    summit 14267 393834N  1054915W  Grays Peak         
Uncompahgre Peak    CO Hinsdale       summit 14309 380418N  1072741W  Uncompahgre Pea    
Wetterhorn Peak     CO Ouray          summit 14015 380338N  1073037W  Wetterhorn Peak    
Wilson Peak         CO San Miguel     summit 14017 375137N  1075903W  Mount Wilson       
Wilson, Mount       CO Dolores        summit 14246 375021N  1075927W  Mount Wilson       
Windom Peak         CO La Plata       summit 14082 373717N  1073529W  Columbine Pass     
Yale, Mount         CO Chaffee        summit 14196 385039N  1061848W  Mount Yale         

Notes: Map is the name of the appropriate map in the USGS 7.5' x 7.5' topographic series.

Source: Geographic Names Information System United States and Territories, U.S. Geological Survey.

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