States' Total per Pupil Expenditures Ranged Between $3,700 and $10,100 for 1992-93

Per pupil expenditure range (in dollars)        
------------------  --------------------------------------
$9,000 and above    Alaska, New Jersey, New York
8,000 -8,999        Connecticut
7,000 -7,999        Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania,
                    Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin
6,000 -6,999        Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois,
                    Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota,
                    Nevada, Oregon, Washington, West
                    Virginia, and Wyoming
5,000 -5,999        Arizona, California, Colorado,
                    Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
                    Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska,
                    New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio,
                    South Carolina, Texas, Virginia
4,000 -4,999        Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana,
                    New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma,
                    South Dakota, Tennessee
3,000 -3,999        Mississippi, Utah
Source:  National Center for Education Statistics. 

Source: School Finance: Trends in U.S. Education Spending (Letter Report, 09/15/95, GAO/HEHS-95-235). Full text of report available from General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports.

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