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CALL #       42-In2E 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. Industrial commission Department of employment security.
TITLE        Annual report.

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CALL #       42-Ag8.5 1:
AUTHOR       Utah Agricultural Experiment Station.
TITLE        Annual report of the Agricultural College of Utah Experiment

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CALL #       42-H51 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State board of higher education.
TITLE        Annual report to the governor and legislature.

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CALL #       42-H53 5:
AUTHOR       Utah. State department of highways.
TITLE        Annual statistical summary.

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CALL #       42-F49 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. Commissioner of financial institutions.
TITLE        Biennial report.

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CALL #       42-En3 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State engineer.
TITLE        Biennial report.

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CALL #       42-C81.7 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. Board of corrections.
TITLE        Biennial report.

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CALL #       42-D14 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State dairy and food commissioner, state chemist and state
               dairy and food bureau.
TITLE        Biennial reports.

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CALL #       42-D34 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. Trustees and superintendent of the Utah School for the Deaf
               and the Blind.
TITLE        Bienneial report.

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CALL #       42-H34 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State board of health.
TITLE        Biennial report.

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CALL #       42-In2.4 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. Board of trustees of the State Industrial School of Utah.
TITLE        Biennial report.

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CALL #       42-H79 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State horticultural commission.
TITLE        Biennial report.

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CALL #       42-B22 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. Banking Dept.
TITLE        Biennial report of the Bank Commissioner of the State of Utah.
             Report of the Bank Commissioner for the period commencing 19uu-
IMPRINT      [Salt Lake City, Utah] : The Commissioner,

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CALL #       42-M66 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State Mine Inspector.
TITLE        Biennial Report of the State Mine Inspector of the State of Utah.

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CALL #       42-Ad4 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. National Guard.
TITLE        Biennial Report of the National Guard of Utah.

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CALL #       42-Ag8 1:
AUTHOR       Utah State Board of Agriculture.
TITLE        Biennial Report of the State Board of Agriculture State of Utah.

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CALL #       42-In2 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. Industrial commission of Utah.
TITLE        Bulletin.

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CALL #       42-Ab8 9:
AUTHOR       Utah. Board of Abstract Commissioners.
TITLE        Bulletin issued by Board of Abstract Commissioners.

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CALL #       42-W89H 9:W38.
TITLE        Census of Weber County : (excluding Green River precinct)
               provisional state of Deseret, 1850 / prepared by the Historical
               Records Survey, Division of Women's and Professional Projects,
               Works Progress Administration.
IMPRINT      Ogden, Utah : The Survey, [1937]

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CALL #       42-Im6 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State bureau of immigration, labor and statistics.
TITLE        Facts and figures pertaining to Utah.

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CALL #       42-F52 4:L44-
AUTHOR       Utah. Fish and game commissioner.
TITLE        Fish and game laws of Utah.

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CALL #       42-W89H 9:Og2-940.
AUTHOR       Historical Records Survey (U.S.). Utah.
TITLE        A history of Ogden; pre-print of the proposed inventory of
               municipal archives of Utah, prepared by the Utah Historical
               records survey project, Division of professional and service
               projects, Work projects administration.  Utah State historical
               society, sponsor; Ogden city commission, co-sponsor.
IMPRINT      [Ogden] Ogden city commission, 1940.

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CALL #       42-Ag8.5 2:507.
AUTHOR       Hill, Kenneth W.
TITLE        History of the Experiment Station : science serves the citizens,
               1938-1978 / Kenneth W. Hill.
IMPRINT      Logan : Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, 1982.

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CALL #       42-W89H 5:
AUTHOR       Historical Records Survey (U.S.). Utah.
TITLE        Inventory of the county archives of Utah. Prepared by the Utah
               Historical Records Survey Project, Division of Professional and
               Service Proje