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CALL #       23-H53.1 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri State Highway Patrol.
TITLE        Annual report / Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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CALL #       23-H88 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri Commission on Human Rights.
TITLE        Annual report - Missouri Commission on Human Rights.
             Report - Missouri Commission on Human Rights -1964/66?
IMPRINT      Jefferson City, The Commission.

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CALL #       23-Au2 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri. State Auditor.
TITLE        Annual report of the State Auditor (1947)
             Annual report of the State Auditor ..
IMPRINT      [S.l., s.n.]

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CALL #       23-Sa2-M97 1:
AUTHOR       City Art Museum of St. Louis.
TITLE        Annual report of the Administrative Board of Control for the year
               ending ..
IMPRINT      St. Louis, City Art Museum.

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CALL #       23-St2B 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri. Office of the Secretary of State.
TITLE        Biennial report on examinations of the state banks of Missouri to
               the General Assembly of the State of Missouri / by Secretary of
IMPRINT      [Jefferson City : The Office, 1905]- (Jefferson City, Mo. :
               Tribune Printing Company, State Printers and Binders)

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CALL #       23-H53 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri. State Highway Commission.
TITLE        Biennial report of the Missouri State Highway Commission.
IMPRINT      [Jefferson City] : The Commission,

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CALL #       23-W89H 4:
AUTHOR       Historical Records Survey (U.S.)
TITLE        Inventory of federal archives in the states. No. 24, Missouri /
               prepared by the Survey of Federal Archives, Division of Women's
               and Professional Projects, Works Progress Administration ; The
               National Archives, cooperating sponsor.
IMPRINT      St. Louis, Mo. : The Survey, 1937-1938.

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CALL #       23-P69 9:Su7-940.
AUTHOR       Missouri. State planning board.
TITLE        Missouri surveys. An inventory with descriptive abstracts of
               surveys of interest to planning that have been published
               between 1925 and 1940. Missouri State planning board and the
               Work projects administration.
IMPRINT      Jefferson City, Mo., 1940.

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CALL #       23-Ed8 4:
TITLE        Missouri school directory.
IMPRINT      Jefferson City, MO : School Data Section, Dept. of Elementary &
               Secondary Education.

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CALL #       23-L11 9:Of2.
AUTHOR       Missouri. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Inspection.
TITLE        The official history of the great strike of 1886 on the
               Southwestern railway system. Compiled by the Bureau of labor
               statistics and inspection of Missouri.
IMPRINT      Jefferson City, Tribune printing company, state printers and
               binders, 1887.

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CALL #       23-St2 4:
TITLE        Official manual, State of Missouri.
             Official manual 1880-1920.
             State almanac and official directory of Missouri 1878-79.
             Official directory of Missouri 1881-1887/88.
             Official manual for years ... 1922-1970.
IMPRINT      Jefferson City : Secretary of State,

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CALL #       23-R31 4:P77.
TITLE        Pony Express Territory of Missouri.
IMPRINT      Jefferson City : Mo. State Division of Resources and Development,

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CALL #       23-Ed8 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri. Dept. of Education.
TITLE        Report of the public schools of the State of Missouri.
IMPRINT      Jefferson City : Carter & Regan, state printers and binders,

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CALL #       23-Ad4 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri. Office of the Adjutant General.
TITLE        Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of Missouri... /
               [Adjutant-General's Office]
IMPRINT      Jefferson City, [Mo.] : State Journal Co., State Printers,

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CALL #       23-Au2 1:
AUTHOR       Missouri. State Auditor.
TITLE        Report of the State Auditor to the General Assembly.
IMPRINT      [Jefferson City]

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CALL #       23-St2 6:
TITLE        Roster of state, district, and county officers of the state of
               Missouri / compiled by Secretary of State.
IMPRINT      [Jefferson City, Mo.] : Secretary of State, [1933-

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CALL #       23-L93 9:St2.
AUTHOR       Missouri. Commission to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
TITLE        The state of Missouri; an autobiography, edited for ... the
               Missouri Commission to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, by
               Walter Williams ..
IMPRINT      [Columbia, Press of E.W. Stephens] 1904.

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