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CALL #       18-Ed8 1:
AUTHOR       Maryland. State Board of Education.
TITLE        Annual report of the State Board of Education for the year ... to
               the Governor of Maryland.
             Annual report of the State Board of Education showing conditions
               of the public schools of Maryland 1904-?
             Report of the State Board of Education shewing the condition of
               the public schools of Maryland 1872-1903.
IMPRINT      Baltimore, MD (200 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore 21201) : Maryland
               State Dept. of Education,

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CALL #       18-In8 1:
AUTHOR       Maryland. Commission on Interracial Problems and Relations.
TITLE        Annual report of the Commission on Interracial Problems and
               Relations to the Governor and General Assembly of Maryland.
IMPRINT      [Baltimore] : The Commission, 1953-[1968]

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CALL #       18-N21GM 1:
AUTHOR       Maryland. Bureau of Mines.
TITLE        Annual report of the Maryland Bureau of Mines.
IMPRINT      [Westernport, Md.] : The Mines,
INDEXED IN   GeoRef 0197-7482.

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CALL #       18-Ar2 1:
AUTHOR       Maryland.  Hall of Records Commission.
TITLE        Annual report of the Archivist of the Hall of Records, State of

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CALL #       18-H34 9:D49.
AUTHOR       Maryland. State Dept. of Health.
TITLE        Development of services for crippled children in Maryland, 1936-
               1948. Charles H. Halliday, director, Services for Crippled
IMPRINT      Baltimore [1949]

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CALL #       18-Ed8 5:
TITLE        Directory of school officials in State of Maryland.
             Directory, school officials and teachers, State of Maryland
IMPRINT      Baltimore, State Dept. of Education.

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CALL #       18-Ec7R 5:
TITLE        Directory of science resources for Maryland.
             Directory of science resources in Maryland 1963.
IMPRINT      [Annapolis] Maryland Dept. of Economic Development.

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CALL #       18-W89H 4:
AUTHOR       Historical Records Survey (U.S.)
TITLE        Inventory of federal archives in the states: 19, Maryland.
IMPRINT      Baltimore, Md., 1939-1940.

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CALL #       18-W89H 5:
AUTHOR       Historical Records Survey (U.S.). Maryland.
TITLE        Inventory of the county archives of Maryland. Prepared by the
               Historical Records Survey Division of Women's and Professional
               Projects, Works Progress Administration. no. 1-
IMPRINT      Baltimore, The Historical Records Survey, 1937-

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CALL #       18-W34 9:M37 1933.
AUTHOR       Maryland. War Records Commission.
TITLE        Maryland in the World War, 1917-1919; military and naval service
               records .
IMPRINT      Baltimore, Maryland War Records Commission, 1933.

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CALL #       18-St2 4:
TITLE        Maryland manual.
IMPRINT      [Annapolis, etc., Hall of Records Commission, etc.]

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CALL #       18A-A3 4:774-76.
AUTHOR       Maryland (Colony). Convention.
TITLE        Proceedings of the conventions of the province of Maryland, held
               at the city of Annapolis, in 1774, 1775, & 1776.
IMPRINT      Baltimore : J. Lucas & E. K. Deaver; Annapolis : J. Green, 1836.

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CALL #       18-Su1 1:948.
AUTHOR       Maryland. Commission on Subversive Activities.
TITLE        Report of Commission on Subversive Activities to Governor Wm.
               Preston Lane, Jr. and The Maryland General Assembly / Frank B.
               Ober, chairman.
IMPRINT      [Annapolis] : The Commission, 1949.

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CALL #       18-Ad4 1:
AUTHOR       Maryland. Adjutant-General's Office.
TITLE        Report of the Adjutant General of Maryland.
IMPRINT      [Baltimore, Md. : King Brothers, state printers, 19--?]-

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CALL #       36-M38 9:R29.
AUTHOR       Mason and Dixon Line Resurvey Commission.
TITLE        Report on the resurvey of the Maryland-Pennsylvania boundary part
               of the Mason and Dixon line. Authorized by the legislatures of
               Maryland and Pennsylvania...
IMPRINT      [Harrisburg, Harrisburg Pub. Co., 1909]

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