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Health (State Board of)

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CALL #       26-A9 4:
AUTHOR       Nevada.  Legislature.  Senate.
TITLE        Appendix to the journals of Senate and Assembly of the ...
               session of the Legislature of the State of Nevada.

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CALL #       42-H34 1:
AUTHOR       Utah. State board of health.
TITLE        Biennial report.

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CALL #       4-H32PR 6:
AUTHOR       California. California department of health.
TITLE        Directory of certified radiologic technologists and X-ray

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CALL #       4-H32PL 4:
AUTHOR       State of California department of Public Health.
TITLE        Directory of clinical laboratories, clinical labortory
               bioanalysts, clinical laboratory technologists.

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CALL #       15-A9 1:
AUTHOR       Kentucky.
TITLE        Documents.

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CALL #       37-W89H 9:V83-941.
AUTHOR       Historical Records Survey (U.S.). Rhode Island.
TITLE        Guide to the public vital statistics records, births, marriages,
               deaths, in the state of Rhode Island and Providence
               Plantations, containing chronologies of the legislation
               relating to or affecting the records, together with an outline
               of the civic division of the state. Compiled by the Historical
               records survey, Division of community service projects, Work
               projects administration. Sponsor: State of Rhode Island,
               Department of state: record commissioner.
IMPRINT      Providence, R.I., 1941.

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CALL #       13-A9 1:
AUTHOR       Iowa.  General Assembly.
TITLE        Legislative documents submitted to the ... General Assembly of
               the State of Iowa.

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CALL #       36-H34 4/2:
AUTHOR       Pennsylvania. department of health.
TITLE        Pennsylvania's health.

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CALL #       36-H34 9:P38h.
AUTHOR       Pennsylvania. Dept. of Health.
TITLE        Pennsylvania's health / published under the direction of Edward
               Martin, Governor, [and] Harry W. Weest, Secretary of Health.
IMPRINT      [Harrisburg, Pa.?] ; Pennsylvania Dept. of Health, 1945.

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CALL #       8-Ed8 2:79C-1.
TITLE        Personnel directory for technical and health occupations
               education / [Division of Vocational, Technical, and Adult
               Education, Technical and  Health  Occupations Education
IMPRINT      Tallahassee, Fla. : State Dept. of Education, 1966.

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CALL #       8-Ed8 2:79C-3.
TITLE        Personnel directory for technical education, [1968-69]
IMPRINT      Tallahassee, Fla. : Division of Vocational, Technical, and Adult
               Education, Technical and Health Occupations Education, [1968]

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CALL #       32-A9 1:
AUTHOR       North Dakota.
TITLE        Public document.

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CALL #       42-A9 1:
AUTHOR       Utah.
TITLE        Public documents.
IMPRINT      [Salt Lake City : Deseret News,

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CALL #       47-A9 1:
AUTHOR       Wisconsin.
TITLE        Public documents of the State of Wisconsin.
IMPRINT      [S.l. : s.n.], 1895- (Madison, Wis. : Democrat Printing Co.)

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CALL #       17-A9 1:
AUTHOR       Maine.
TITLE        Public documents of the State of Maine.

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CALL #       38-A9 1:
AUTHOR       South Carolina.
TITLE        Reports of state officers, boards, and committees to the General
               Assembly of the State of South Carolina.
IMPRINT      [S.1. :  s.n.],  1917-1941 ;   (Columbia :  Gonzales & Bryan)

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CALL #       26-H34 1:
AUTHOR       Nevada. State Dept. of Health.
TITLE        Report of the Nevada state board of health.

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CALL #       81-In7.5H 1:
AUTHOR       Philippine Health Service.
TITLE        Report of the Philippine Health Service.
IMPRINT      Manila : Bureau of Printing,

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CALL #       36-H34 9:P38.
AUTHOR       Johns Hopkins University. School of Hygiene and Public Health.
TITLE        Resume of Pennsylvania's health : report of a study of health
               needs and resouces of Pennsylvania / Johns Hopkins University,
               School of Hygiene and Public Health.
IMPRINT      [Harrisburg, Pa.? : s.n.], 1961.

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CALL #       43-A9 1:
AUTHOR       Vermont.
TITLE        Vermont public documents, being reports of State officers,
               departments and institutions ... / Vermont.
IMPRINT      Rutland, VT : Tuttle Company ; 1908-

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