Accessing genealogical bibliographic records

A patron can telnet to Chinook to perform a focused search of the genealogical materials related to the LSCA grant project. It is important to telnet to Chinook instead of using the Libraries Web version of Chinook since the limit and search features differ.

In the telnet feature you will be asked to login according to your patron status. You will be greeted with the following message:  

Campus users, please type library at login:

Off campus users in Colorado, please type boulder at login:

Guests from the Internet, please type colorado at login:

For non-CU account holders please select "boulder."

Identify your terminal, e.g. VT100.

You'll be greeted with the main menu of the online catalog.

Search instructions

Materials in the state collection do circulate to the general public and are available through interlibrary loan (ILL).


last updated 5 August 1998