About CU's genealogical resources

The University Libraries at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder) does not own an organized collection of genealogical materials. The Libraries is designated as a regional depository of federal publications. This means that a researcher can access historic federal government publications at CU Boulder. Many early federal publications are of interest to family historians. The Libraries is also designated as one of nineteen depositories throughout the state for Colorado state publications. This collection contains publications that genealogists might find useful in researching the life of an early ancestor in Colorado. These collections are available for use and circulate to both the CU campus community and the public.

In conjunction with federal and state depository status, CU Boulder owns an impressive collection of early state publications from the other forty-nine states. Records for the this collection were not available in electronic format and thus did not appear in the Libraries' online catalog, Chinook. Web access to Chinook is available and these materials can be found by using the "limit" function. Do a WORD search using "genealogical" and limit the resulting list to "location in library - Government Pubs."

In 1996, Deborah Hollis, Assistant Professor & State and Foreign Documents Librarian at CU Boulder was awarded a $20,000 Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) grant. The Colorado State Department of Education granted the funds based on her proposal to provide retrospective cataloging for social and family history materials at the Univeristy Libraries. With records in the online catalog patrons can now identify useful historic materials for a variety of disciplines such as American history, political science, economics, agriculture, education, and family history research.

If you have any questions about this web site or grant project, please email Deborah Hollis. As of June 1999 additional information about genealogical collections and local area programs or workshops is available at



last updated 12 June 1999