Lowry description & base closing bibliography

Source:  Military Bases: Case Studies on Selected Bases Closed in 1988 and 1991
Letter Report, 08/10/95, GAO/NSIAD-95-139.  Full text of report available from 
General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports.

Appendix III:21

Base description:  Lowry is located on 1,866 acres in a suburban area
between Denver and Aurora.  The base was established in 1937 as an
Army Air Corps technical school, and it has been used as a technical
training center since that time.  In addition, a Defense Finance and
Accounting center and the Air Reserve Personnel Center are located on
the base. (See figure in printed edition.)

Date of closure recommendation:  1991. 

Date of military mission termination:  April 1994. 

Date of base closure:  September 1994. 

Summary of reuse plan:  The plan calls for mixed-use urban
development combining business, training, education, recreation, and
residential uses to make maximum use of existing facilities and land. 
DOD will retain 115 acres for the Defense Finance and Accounting
center, an Air Reserve personnel center, and the 21st Space Command
Squadron.  The Air Force is conveying 220 acres in educational public
benefit transfers to a consortium of Colorado colleges and the Denver
public school system for educational and job training centers. 

Initially, homeless assistance providers were approved to receive 47
acres, including 200 family housing units and dormitories.  However,
under a plan worked out with the city of Denver and the Department of
Housing and Urban Development, the providers will withdraw their
requests for some of this property in return for funding to establish
homeless facilities at dispersed locations in the Denver metropolitan
area.  The officials involved believe this plan will better meet the
needs of the homeless than would concentrating the facilities at

In addition, parks and recreation public benefit transfers will total
175 acres.  Health-related public benefit transfers totaling 22 acres
will be used for such purposes as a blood bank and a research center. 
An economic development transfer of 711 acres will go to the Lowry
Economic Redevelopment Authority.  This acreage will increase if
homeless providers withdraw some of their requests for base property
as expected.  Market sales are planned for the remaining 576 acres,
including the golf course and residential areas. 

Golf course:  The golf course is under interim lease to the city of
Denver.  Its sale awaits environmental clearances.  A residential
landfill adjacent to the golf course may not require appreciable
cleanup if its future use is open space or recreational, such as
extension of the golf course. 

Implementation status:  Following final decisions on the disposition
of base property in August 1994, base closure officials have been
proceeding with disposition agreements.  The community college
educational consortium has signed an interim lease and is conducting
80 courses for 800 students.  Several other leases have been signed
or are being negotiated.  Four of the homeless providers have
withdrawn their requests for base housing in return for a contract
with the city to provide space elsewhere in the community. 

Pending final environmental clearances, long-term leases will be used
to promote immediate reuse on most parcels.  In addition,
negotiations have begun between the Air Force and the local authority
regarding property sales and the economic development conveyance. 
The economic development conveyance negotiations involve an up-front
fair market settlement price in accordance with recent regulations. 

Civilian jobs lost due to closure:  2,290. 

Civilian jobs created as of 3/31/95:  104. 

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