Colorado by the Numbers:
Impaired Driving High-Priority Legislation as of December 1995

                                                                      License Sanction
                                               Lower BAC           (Mandatory Minimum
                                              for Youthful        for a DWI Conviction)
           Administrative     Illegal        DWI Offenders
              Per Se           Per Se          (BAC Level       First     Second    Third
State      (BAC Level)      (BAC Level)         and Age)        Offense   Offense   Offense
AZ            Y-0.10            0.10          Y-0.00 (<21)    S-90 days   R-1 yr    R-3 yrs
CO            Y-0.10            0.10                             --       R-1 yr    R-2 yrs
ID            Y-0.10            0.10          Y-0.02 (<21)    S-30 days   S-1 yr    S-1 yr
MT              N               0.10          Y-0.02 (<21)       --       R-3 mos   R-3 mos
NV            Y-0.10            0.10                          R-45 days   R-1 yr    R-1.5 yr
NM            Y-0.08            0.08          Y-0.02 (<21)       --       R-1 yr    R-5 yrs
UT            Y-0.08            0.08          Y-0.00 (<21)    S-90 days   R-1 yr    R-1 yrs
WY            Y-0.10            0.10                             --       S-1 yr    R-3 yrs
USA           Y - 39          0.08 - 11       Y - 34          S - 17      S - 18    S - 14
                              0.10 - 36                       R - 8       R - 27    R - 31
                                No - 4
              Y = Yes                           Y = Yes                S = Suspension  
              N = No                                                   R = Revocation  
             A = Alternative

    Notes: An “administrative per se law” refers to a statute that allows a state’s driver licensing agency to either suspend or revoke a driver’s license based either on a specific alcohol (or drug) concentration or on some other criterion related to alcohol or drug use and driving. Such action is completely independent of any licensing action related to a DWI criminal offense. The term “illegal per se” refers to state laws that make it a criminal offense to operate a motor vehicle at or above a specified alcohol (or drug) concentration in the blood, breath, or urine. In those columns showing mandatory sanctions, a “blank” space does not mean that a state does not have a sanction. It only means that the state does not have a mandatory sanction for that offense or violation.

Source of Data: “Digest of State Alcohol-Highway Safety Related Legislation,” U.S. Department of Transportation/ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, DOT HS 808 204.

Source of Table: Traffic Safety Facts 1995: State Traffic Data, a National Center for Statistics and Analysis Fact Sheet, prepared for the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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