Colorado by the Numbers: Estimated Use of Gasahol, 1995 1/

                                                                           TABLE MF-33E
                                      (THOUSANDS OF GALLONS)               OCTOBER 1996
             TOTAL          _________________________GASOHOL___________________
          IN GASOHOL 2/    |   GASOHOL 3/        GASOHOL 4/                    |
Arizona      24,154                -                313,688             313,688
Colorado     33,066              266,344             83,523             349,867
Idaho           392                3,918                 -                3,918
Montana         625                6,170                109               6,279
New Mexico   17,386              160,457             17,409             177,866
Utah            -                  -                     -                  -
Wyoming       4,960               49,601                 -               49,601
USA       1,213,696           10,400,872          2,691,713          13,092,585

1/ This table shows Federal Highway Administration estimates of gasohol use. The gasohol volumes shown include both the ethanol and the gasoline components. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 expanded the definition of gasohol effective January 1, 1993. Prior to the Act, gasohol was defined as a blend of gasoline and at least 10 percent, by volume, fuel alcohol. Under the Act, three types of gasohol were defined: (1) 10-percent gasohol, which corresponds to the definition before the Act; (2) 7.7-percent gasohol, which contains at least 7.7 percent alcohol but less than 10 percent; and (3) 5.7-percent gasohol which contains at least 5.7 percent alcohol but less than 7.7 percent.
2/ The amount of ethanol used in gasohol is estimated from gasohol tax collections, refunds, and credits reported by the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of the Treasury.
3/ For most States, the figures shown for 10-percent blends are State data.
4/ 7.7-percent gasohol is generally used to meet the requirements for oxygenated fuel to reduce winter carbon monoxide emissions.

Source: Highway Statistics, 1995, Section 1, "Motor Fuel," "Estimated Use of Gasohol, MF-33E," prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Transportion, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Highway Information Management.
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