Census schedules and Black genealogical research: One Family's Experience

Author's note

Welcome to this revised edition of an article entitled Conducting Black Genealogical Research: The Story of Oliver and Lillia. It was originally published in the Summer 1995 issue of Colorado Libraries, vol. 21, no. 2, p. 5-13. At the request of ACLIN (Access Colorado Library and Information Network) the article was put into HTML format to share with a cyberspace audience. This web article is designed to allow the web surfer to read in sequential order as in a book chapter format (click on the "next section" option) or return to the table of contents (click on the table of contents link) to select other sections of interest.

The web version is expanded to include a detailed explanation of the Soundex and a guide to help the beginning researcher find census records at the National Archives and Records Administration, in Lakewood, Colorado. Additionally a list of other important genealogical research centers in the Denver/Boulder area is provided with phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation.

The focus of this article is two-fold:

The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Terry W. Fahy in scanning and converting census records to image files. Please note that the navigational links below are only starting points to other genealogical web resources and by no means reflect the vast array of resources that are available in cyberspace. |next section| |Table of Contents|

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