Acreage Held in Trust for Individual Indians and Indian Tribes, by State, in 1995

The federal government holds 52.3 million acres in trust for individual Indians and 
Indian tribes in 33 states. The following table shows the number of acres held in the 
Mountain States for this purpose. 
State                                                  Number of acres
--------------------------------------------------  ------------------
Arizona                                                     18,843,819
Colorado                                                     1,076,890
Idaho                                                          836,758
Montana                                                      5,286,101
Nevada                                                         934,956
New Mexico                                                   7,650,579
Utah                                                         3,720,076
Wyoming                                                      1,812,611
Total                                                       52,287,510

Notes: This acreage includes federal trust, tribal/restricted fee, and/or government lands. Federal trust lands are those whose title is held by the United States in trust for individual Indians or Indian tribes. Tribal/restricted fee lands are those whose title is held by individual Indians or tribes. Government lands consist of a small amount of acreage owned by the United States for special uses such as federal schools and hospitals for Native Americans and for administrative offices. The amount of acreage was provided as of November 7, 1995, for Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. The amount of acreage for the remaining states was as of September 15, 1995.

Source: Land Ownership: Information on the Acreage, Management, and Use of Federal and Other Lands (Letter Report, 03/13/96, GAO/RCED-96-40). Full text of report available from General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports.

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