High-Spending and Low-Spending School Districts, 1989-1990

Within-State Differences Between High-Spending and Low-Spending School Districts, 1989-1990
                                      Low-           High-
                                spending\a      spending\b
                                district\c  district\c per
                                 per pupil           pupil
                               expenditure     expenditure
State                            (dollars)       (dollars)
----------------------------  ------------  --------------
Arizona                              2,704           5,262
Colorado                             3,924           5,587
Idaho                                2,441           4,332
Montana                              3,579           6,970
Nevada                               3,691           6,672
New Mexico                           3,460           6,577
Utah                                 2,381           4,257
Wyoming                              4,464           8,091
Source:  Wayne Riddle and Liane White, "Variations in Expenditures Per Pupil Among 
Local Educational Agencies Within the States," memorandum, Congressional Research 
Service, July 26, 1993. 

Notes: Wayne Riddle and Liane White of the Congressional Research Service are currently updating their analysis of disparities within states with more recent data. \a 5th percentile. \b 95th percentile. \c Data listed are for unified school districts. See the source for additional data on elementary school districts and secondary school districts. \d Hawaii has only one school district.

Source: School Finance: Trends in U.S. Education Spending (Letter Report, 09/15/95, GAO/HEHS-95-235). Full text of report available from General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports.

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