Colorado By The Numbers:
Mineral Industry Statistics: Colorado, 1992:
Summary of Findings

The total value of shipments and receipts for the 1,132 establishments classified in mineral industries in Colorado was $3.4 billion in 1992 or 2 percent of the Nation's total. This compares to $2.6 billion in 1987. Value added by mining amounted to $2.4 billion in 1992, and payroll in mining amounted to $759.0 million. All dollar figures included in this report are shown in current dollars for the years specified and have not been adjusted for inflation. Mineral industries employment in Colorado was 17.1 thousand in 1992 or 3 percent of the Nation's total. This is a decrease of 21 percent from 1987. The oil and gas extraction industry led all other mineral industries in the State, accounting for approximately 63 percent of the State's mineral industries employment.

Source: Economic Census 1992 for State of Colorado: Mining Narrative, U.S. Census Bureau.

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