Colorado by the Numbers:
Key Provisions of Safety Belt Use Laws,
and Belt Use Rates as of December 1995

State   Effective   Enforcement  Fine  Seats  Vehicle and Coverage by Law  Safety Belt Use Rate
AZ      01/01/91    Secondary    $10   Front   Passenger car, van, MY>72.            60%
CO      07/01/87    Secondary    $15   Front   Passenger car, van, taxi,              56%
                                               ambulance, RV, small truck. 
ID      07/01/86    Secondary    $ 5   Front   Motor vehicle under 8,000 lbs.         59%
MT      10/01/87    Secondary    $20   All     Motor vehicle.                         70%
NV      07/01/87    Secondary    $25   All     Passenger car under 6,000 lbs.         71%
NM      01/01/86    Primary      $25   Front   Motor vehicle under 10,000 lbs.        86%
UT      04/28/86    Secondary    $10   Front   Motor vehicle.                         56%
WY      06/08/89    Secondary     No   Front   Passenger car, van, pickup truck.      NA
USA                                             Population-weighted national average: 68%

Notes: Total states with safety belt use laws: 49 plus DC and Puerto Rico. (New Hampshire did not have a safety belt use law as of 1995.) The safety belt use rates shown here may not correspond to the seats and vehicles covered by the individual state laws. NA = not available.

Source: Traffic Safety Facts 1995: State Traffic Data, a National Center for Statistics and Analysis Fact Sheet, prepared for the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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